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Britney Spears’ mother wants to reconcile with her daughter

The singer Britney Spears. / AFP

The singer reproaches her mother for not being by her side when she needed her most

Britney Spears’ bad relationship with her father is well known, with whom she has maintained a lawsuit to regain her freedom since he has been her legal guardian in adulthood for more than a decade, controlling issues such as her reproductive health and your finances. Her situation with her mother, Lynne Spears, although less dramatic, is not better either, although her mother has requested an approach to the singer.

Last week, Britney shared a series of text messages she sent to her mother in 2019 while she was in a mental health facility. The artist asked him for help finding a new attorney, then Samuel D. Ingham III. In addition, she also denounced that she was being medicated against her will and talked about how she was having consequences: “I literally feel all the sick medicine in my stomach. “I feel like they are trying to kill me. I swear to God that I’m sorry », are some of her statements. Some messages, which the interpreter of ‘Baby one more time’ affirms that they remained unanswered.

However, now her mother has responded via social media about screenshots of those conversations: “Britney, I have the ‘full conversations’ too!” Lynne announces on her Instagram story. “It hurts for you that you feel that the people who love you most betrayed you! Let me get close to you! Love you!” she wrote her. However, she has not posted any of those responses.

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As he says, he felt that some of his answers were being erased: “I answered! I have always felt that some of my messages were deleted. “I don’t know if some of my posts were deleted by outside sources or what happened, but I know the courts had all of them because they were so concerned about her and I felt my posts could help her case,” she continues. In any case, the artist’s mother points out that she felt that her daughter’s phone was being monitored, so she was extremely careful with her responses at all times.

This is not the first time that Lynne Spears has sent conciliatory messages to her daughter. After her wedding with Sam Ashgari last June, she wrote him a few words in which she was sorry that she had not been able to accompany her on such an important day and wished her to be very happy.

While all this is happening in her personal life, Britney is focused on a new professional project: her return to the stage in style with Elton John with a new version of her 1972 single ‘Tiny dancer’. According to People magazine, the single is being produced by Andrew Watt and will be released next month by Universal Music. Great news for the music star who has many fans who have shown her support for years and who now long for her return to the stage.

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