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Britney Spears Released From Her Father’s Guardianship After 13 Years | People

Britney Spears enthusiasts demonstrate this Wednesday in front of the Los Angeles court that decides on the legal custody of the artist.
Britney Spears enthusiasts demonstrate this Wednesday in front of the Los Angeles court that decides on the legal custody of the artist.Chris Pizzello / AP

Finally. Free from his father and his guardianship. After 13 years, Britney Spears will be able to make decisions for herself and her fortune of more than 60 million dollars. The prison in which Britney lived and the silence that surrounded her were both broken last June, when the interpreter of Baby One More Time He recounted in a court of Los Angeles the hell lived under the orders of his father. Officially, Mr. Spears stops controlling every minute and every dollar of Britney’s life. Meanwhile, Judge Brenda Penny has appointed an accountant as the temporary legal guardian of the star’s finances.

Today was the day. The day in which Britney Spears was closer than ever to the freedom she had been claiming for 13 years. Since last June he gave a painful testimony through Zoom of the hell that had been his life. “Your Honor, my father should be in prison,” said the artist to the worldwide shock of her followers. The singer’s legal team then threatened to take legal action against the Spears family for the damage done. Britney was not present in the courtroom today. The star’s parents, Jamie and Lynne Spears, appeared via Zoom, along with Britney’s attorney, Mathew Rosengart. Those who were there from early in the morning were his followers, those who have created a movement under the slogan Free Britney (Liberad a Britney).

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Movements for their release, documentaries. A wave of protest began in 2019 when all the alarms went off. Britney was not well, no matter how much she declared it on her Instagram account. The last two documentaries prove it. They show the handling by one of the most famous parents on the planet of a woman who was deprived of being able to make the slightest decision about her life. For the artist’s lawyer, who was finally able to choose herself last July, Mathew Rosengart, Britney had to end “with the Kafkaesque nightmare imposed by her father, so that both her dignity and her most basic freedoms” were restored.

The adjective of Kafkaesque has come to not live up to its definition. According to the latest scandalous information -revealed in the newspaper’s documentary The New York Times-, the interpreter has been under constant surveillance, even in her most private moments, as have her closest people. According to the New York newspaper, the star’s father put a security company on the payroll to control the singer and know everything she was talking about, not only in public but also in private, for example it is her bedroom or talks with her boyfriend and their children.

The hearing on Wednesday to present before the judge the arguments about ending the guardianship was set for January 28, but it finally arrived in the fall. Spears’ father became Britney’s legal guardian in 2008, during a period marked by erratic behavior by the singer in which he lost custody of his children. Along with a trust, Jamie Spears has overseen by court decision from finances to the tiniest details of the singer’s life since she suffered a nervous breakdown in the eyes of the world. The artist, who has not sung since the end of 2018, raised her voice in June with a heartbreaking testimony. “Your Honor, my dad and everyone involved in this custody, including my manager, who played a key role in my punishment … they should be in prison,” said the star.

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