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Britney Spears reproaches her family for the lack of support she suffered during her guardianship

Britney Spears.

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Britney Spears She wanted to openly denounce in her social networks the lack of support that she would have suffered, on the part of some of her relatives and supposedly closest friends, during the most restrictive and traumatic periods of the judicial protection to which she was subjected during the last thirteen years .

Through two very artistic images that, on the one hand, portray a young woman saving her “divine sister” and, on the other hand, the ‘mother earth’ being threatened by the ‘gun’ of pollution, the princess of pop launched a series of reproaches, of which his mother Lynn and his sister Jamie Lynn did not escape either, on account of the indifference with which they would have attended their domestic ‘imprisonment’.

“This photo makes me cry … He is saving his divine sister !!”, he wrote about the first of the mentioned works of art. “I suggest that if you have a friend who has not been able to leave the house for four months in a row… No car, no phone, no door for her privacy… A friend who has to work ten hours a day for seven days a week, that she has to be drawing blood every week, without a single day off … I really recommend that you go and pick her up and get her out of that hell !! “, he referred to his particular ordeal.

And he continued: “If it happens to them like me with my family, who told me things like ‘Sorry, you are in a guardianship’, surely thinking that you are different, then you are f ******,” she expressed full of resentment.

The interpreter of ‘Toxic’ referred to several of the most oppressive measures that arise from a forced transfer of responsibilities that, regardless of whether it was decreed by the judge, ended up spreading to all areas of her life, not only in what economic.

It should be remembered that, during the years when this controversial arrangement was managed by her father Jamie, who was recently suspended from his position as senior guardianship administrator, Britney needed his permission to leave their home, bring friends home and In short, socialize properly, not forgetting that you were forbidden to get pregnant or pursue your musical career on your own terms.

Fortunately, the arrival a few months ago of lawyer Mathew Rosengart to her defense “completely changed” the life of Britney Spears.

Thanks to the aggressive judicial strategy deployed by his lawyer, the interpreter’s father was definitively removed from the process and now Rosengart continues to work with determination so that the guardianship ends once and for all and as soon as possible.

And is that Britney wants to start over and do it hand in hand with Sam Asghari, her boyfriend of the last five years and the man with whom she will go down the aisle very soon.

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