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Britney Spears, the money maker of the 21st century

This hit changed the history of the pop, of his life and of many other singers. Britney thus paved the way for other female soloists, up to now overshadowed by the ‘boy bands’, though he did it through the eyes of the whole world, by then less used to such a level of success and spontaneity from a woman in the music industry, which demanded from the artist the same level of innocence as sexuality. It was about a teenager who moved, dressed and made up in a quite novel way at that time, a fact that forced her to live moments as uncomfortable as being asked in interviews about her tits or her virginity.

Britney Spears fans during a rally in favor of the singer’s rights. EP

He was also the protagonist for many years of the yellow press for their romantic relationships. His first breaking off It was in 2002 with the well-known singer Justin Timberlake and she was repeatedly accused without proof of having been unfaithful to him. The scandal was such that they were awarded about $ 150,000 for a photograph of Britney that left her in a bad place or harmed her in any way. Then, two years later, she married one of her dancers, Kevin Federline, with whom she had two children and they broke up two years later. It was at this moment that Spears turned her life upside down and began to behave in a way that the tabloid press could use to publish news and photographs of the singer’s shaved head or hitting a photographer’s car with an umbrella. .

Britney was going through a crisis that made her enter a Psychiatric Center; an opportunity that his father, James Spears, took the opportunity to stay with the protection from her daughter. In the United States, an adult can remain in the guardianship of another in case of old age, physical or mental limitations. With this, take control of the finance and from heritage someone else’s was legal. They called it civil death. But in Britney’s case, this was not understood hoarding all your assets because the singer continued writing songs and publishing records, acting and living without any type of disability.

Here began the hell of Britney Spears, who was subjected to a constant harassment by his father. Not only did he control the finances of the star, but he also watched at all times with whom he spoke, what he did, how he behaved. He wouldn’t let her get pregnant or drive her car. Meanwhile, the woman danced, sang, worked and acted as if nothing was happening, without anyone knowing that her father was pocketing $ 16,000 a week and 1.5% of his daughter’s income. With this, the artist received half the money that he did and did not have the 60 million euros of his heritage.

Three documentaries and millions of fans

Last February, The New York Times produced for FX and Hulu the first documentary film on the artist’s life: ‘Framing Britney Spears’. With this film, public opinion was revealed to the abuse of power that James Spears exercised over his daughter. Not only did he increase his work to the limit, but he paid psychologists and psychiatrists to diagnose him with dementia, a disease that he did not have, since that was everything. stress. It also explains how she was forced to insert an IUD in order not to get pregnant, and how the patriarch controlled her credit cards and also controlled her friends in case they could become a threat in the future.

From there, many Britney fans joined the movement. ‘Free Britney’, that exploded in social networks and that is still very current. These adherents demanded that they let her make her own decisions regarding her life and money. These tens of thousands of people claimed their Liberty even stronger when the second part of the documentary aired, Controlling Britney Spears, premiered on September 24. In it, the pressures to which it has been subjected are reported much more clearly. For example, there is a testimony that declares to have access to all messages and calls from the mobile of Britney, who sent them to his father. Again, it is shown how the artist lived for 13 years spied against her will, controlled and without the right to her own privacy. There is a third documentary that can be viewed on Netflix currently called Britney vs. Spears, less complete than the previous two but sufficient to have a broad vision of everything that happened.

The war has been won by Britney

The singer publicly acknowledged being sad, angry and depressed. She explained that she had not spoken before for fear that they would not believe her: “Your Honor, my father and everyone involved in this custody, including my manager, who played a key role in my punishment should be in prison.” Finally, after many years of trials and legal fights, on August 13 James Spears resigned from the legal guardianship of the singer in front of the Superior Court of Los Angeles, thus ending 13 years of continuous martyrdom suffered by Britney. This happened a month after he was able to choose his own lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, because until now he was also prohibited from this choice.

The judge ruled that it was a “unsustainable situation“and replaced her father with a temporary accountant as guardian of finances and established the next trial on November 12, where the singer is expected to be 100% released and the entire estate in his hands.

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