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Brittle nails? With these tricks you will have them stronger

If you are one of those who have the nails weak or brittle this news interests you. Nails are a part of our body that we often neglect, and it shouldn’t be that way, because what we achieve is that they stop having life. There are several factors that can influence them to become brittle, but the use of aggressive enamels or the abuse of Cleaning products are the most common. This can cause irreparable damage to our nails and cause them to break easily. Although it can also influence nutrition and lack of some protein.

“Nails are a indicator of the health and if they are brittle and weak they can be symptom of some vitamin deficiency, although they can also be due to abuse of aggressive enamels or products of cleaning without wearing gloves when using them. Like hair, nails are formed in their complex structure by vitamins, so a diet poor in vitamins and minerals, or diseases such as anemia, can cause nails to break more easily or open up in layers”, reveals the pharmacist Rocio Escalante, which adds that biting these parts of the body regularly is also very detrimental to showing off strong and healthy nails.

If you want to strengthen your nails, we reveal some easy tips that, if you incorporate them into your beauty routine, will be of great help to show off your beautiful hands. First of all, try clean your nails, trim and file them once a week. Avoid removing cuticles at home, as it is safer to have it done by a professional. What you should do is moisturize them with a specific oil, to avoid hangnails or small skins that often rise.

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The cuticle protects the nail, so we must take care of them too, so that they are hydrated and soft.

If you like to wear manicures and show off your painted nails, you can do it, but always choosing quality enamels or putting yourself in the hands of professionals. Never remove semi-permanent nail polish at home and, very importantly, let your nails breathe from time to time, between manicure and manicure. Applying a base before polishing also helps protect the nail.

Brittle nails | Abusing nail polish can be one of the causes Freepik

Hydrate your hands daily with a good handcream which, in addition, will also hydrate your nails. Avoid eating the nails Y to bite the skin around themAnd don’t forget to wear gloves when handling soaps, detergents, and other cleaning products.

In addition, and if your nails need a little extra help in addition to care, in the pharmacy you will find various products to strengthen them and prevent them from breaking and having that brittle look that we don’t like so much.

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