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Britt’s birthday, banned adverts and Brummie insults – take the Thursday quiz | life and style

Welcome once again to the Thursday quiz, which is proud to be nothing if not eclectic, and particularly pleased never to have trashed the economy during its first few weeks into a job. You face 15 questions, some of which are topical, some of which are general knowledge, and at least one of which requires you to just have a wild stab in the dark about what is inside the twisted mind of an AI drawing tool. There are no prizes, but you can earn bonus points by spotting tenuous links to Doctor Who and boasting about it in the comments.

The Thursday Quiz, No. 76

1.ELECTION RUNOFF: Jair Bolsonaro will be involved in a runoff election to remain Brazil’s president after neither he nor his main rival could muster more than 50%. Who will the runoff be against?

two.WHY THE LONG FACE?: The chess world has been engulfed in a sensational row about cheating sparked by the contests between which two players?

Wodden chess figures

3.RUDE: A health campaign in New Zealand against hepatitis C (pictured, probably) has come to cropper after it was branded “deeply offensive”. What were actors doing in it?

Viral hepatitis infection

Four.MONEY MONEY MONEY: The Royal Mint has unveiled the first 50p coin design of the era of Charles III (not pictured). But what does it say around the obverse side?

A souvenir flag depicting King Charles III

5.GCSE BIOLOGY WITH TOM BAILEY FROM THE THOMPSON TWINS: The Thompson Twins enjoyed international success with the song Lay Your Hands On Me in the 1980s, but which of these types of bones is NOT found in the human hand?

Thompson Twins

6.GEOGRAPHY BUT WITH TOTO: We all know, thanks to the 1980s soft rock anthem, that Mount Kilimanjaro ‘rises like Olympus above the Serengeti’. But what country is Mount Kilimanjaro in?

Mount Kilimanjaro

7.ENSEMBLE CASTS: Which detective show has featured Ben Miller, Sara Martins and Don Warrington among its regular cast?

A vintage television

8.TAMMY’S TEASER: Tammy Wynette had a hit single with DIVORCE in 1968. We are back round to the beginning again, so which D is the lead singer of Depeche Mode, who announced this week their first LP and tour for five years?

Tammy Wynette

9.ON THIS DAY: Everybody knows that the Great Fire of London took place in 1666. But in which year, on 6 October, did the great fire of Newcastle and Gateshead take place?

Newcastle and Gateshead

10.HAPPY BIRTHDAY: It is Britt Ekland’s birthday today. Happy birthday Britt! She starred in the 1973 folk horror classic The Wicker Man. But what island was it set on?

britt ekland

eleven.IT’S A DOG’S LIFE: This is Willow, the official dog of the Guardian Thursday quiz. This week she is worried because nobody ever told her what a capercaillie is. Why not cheer her up by telling her that it is…?

Willow, the official dog of the Guardian's Thursday quiz

12.PEAKY BLINDERS: Daniel Grainger, the chair of the Young Conservative Network, was told to leave the Conservative party conference in Birmingham after he called the city what in a tweet?

Birmingham's Commonwealth Games bull

13.WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN: The Rosetta Stone features the same rather dull proclamation in three different texts – Ancient Egyptian using hieroglyphic and Demotic scripts, and which other language?

Hieroglyphic Egyptian writing

14.GANGSTA’S PARADISE: We lost the rapper Coolio. His biggest hit from him was, of course, international smash Gangsta’s Paradise. But whose original track – Pastime Paradise – did it sample?


fifteen.NEW FACE IN AI HELL: The Thursday quiz asked the Lambda Text-to-Pokémon AI service to draw two people as Pokémon. This is what it drew. Who are they?

Two people rendered as Pokémon for the Thursday quiz

If you do think there has been an egregious error in one of the questions or answers, please feel free to email, but remember the quiz master’s word is final, and you wouldn’t want to find you are next for the giant burning wicker man.

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