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Brooklyn Nets fall to Milwaukee Bucks in overtime of epic game

Kevin Durant once again proved that he is a superstar, but he was very alone in the series against Milwaukee.

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BROOKLYN, NY – Basketball’s out in New York for this season. The team that started as the favorite to take the title thanks to its all-star cast, Brooklyn Nets, was unable to overcome the Milwaukee Bucks in an epic seventh game of the series (115-111) played at the Barclays Center in front of 16,287 spectators (full capacity without capacity limit).

“It’s impossible for these guys to give more, they dropped everything,” Steve Nash said after the game. “Kevin is amazing. There is nothing he cannot do ”.

“I’m so proud of these guys,” added the Brooklyn coach.

Nash played his two stars, Kevin Durant and James Harden, for 53 minutes of the game, which needed extra time to decide. Durant finished with 48 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists. Harden, who returned to play without recovering from his hamstring injury, had 22 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists.

“You lose Kyrie and James with only one leg … it’s something else,” explained Nash about the elimination of his team, when they started as favorites in these playoffs.

Durant also spoke of the importance of losing Irving: “I can’t say enough how much we miss Kyrie on this show.”

“I have been dealing with this injury for several postseason periods. It’s frustrating, ”Harden said at a post-game news conference. “I played the fifth game without having practiced for days, limping.”

The match was played from start to finish. No team had an advantage of more than 10 points at any time. And at the end of regular time, the scoreboard was tied at 109 after an incredible score by Durant, who thought it was three points.. Had it been, it would have decided the game, but the Nets wing stepped on the line.

In overtime, a frazzled Nets scored just two points and watched the season end in their own stadium.

The stars showed their faces

As expected in the 7th game of a series, the stars of both teams showed their faces from the first minute. Durant and Giannis Antetokounmpo (40 points, 13 rebounds, 5 assists) led the attack of their teams already in the first quarter, scoring and assisting. The tension was felt outside and inside the court and the distances on the scoreboard were minimal.

Harden based his offensive game on seeking personal fouls rather than shooting. Still, he scored his first 7 free throw points when he hadn’t taken a single shot from the field.

The first distance was achieved by Brooklyn at the beginning of the second quarter with 3s from Durant and Griffin. And although Milwaukee would reduce distances, at halftime the locals led by 6 points.

But it was the Bucks who came back from the locker room more connected with a great Antetokounmpo and soon the game was even again.

Everything remained to be decided in the last quarter, with both teams very tired as they practically did not rest their starting five.

Bucks seemed to have the game won in the last minute of regulation time, but that’s where Durant’s big basket came in to force overtime. Still, it wasn’t enough for Brooklyn.

The Big Three will return the following year to try to make amends.


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