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Brooklyn’s first ‘super-skyscraper’ officially reaches full height

“The Brooklyn Tower” is officially the tallest in the place.

Photo: JDS Development Group / Courtesy

In 2016 SHoP Architects got the go-ahead from the New York Historic Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) to build Brooklyn’s tallest skyscraper at 93 stories and a height of 1,066 feet at 340 Flatbush Avenue Extension, located on the same block as the old Dime Savings Bank of New York.

Four years later the first skyscraper the Brooklyng supertall officially reached its maximum height and it was recently dubbed “The Brooklyn Tower”.

The building that emerges behind the neoclassical white marble facade of the iconic Dime Savings Bank of New York from the early 20th century cost $ 750 million in total.

The architects’ idea was to create a perfect combination between an emblematic building and a contemporary tower that would not “steal” either of the two of their essence., presence and beauty, that is how the tower began to be built in 2018.

According to Michael Stern, founder and CEO of JDS Development Group to CNN the construction of the building, with all its details, was not an easy featOn the contrary, they had to surf several obstacles to be able to fulfill it.

To begin with, the terrain is not like others, since Most of the building sits on a triangular block, so the development is irregular in shape.

Stern also recounted that JDS Development Group had to buy neighboring 340 Flatbush Avenue for $ 43 million, but they couldn’t buy the 1950 Junior’s restaurant, which is why the architects chose to work on a hexagonal plane instead of a rectangular one.

Although “The Brooklyn Tower” stands out for being the highest in the place, it is only the first of many that are sure the locals, as well as tourists, will be able to see in a few years since the idea of ​​many developments is thought in the creation of tall buildings, which will further develop the Brooklyn skyline.

Although the general public and critics of the city show that “The Brooklyn Tower” will happen what to the “Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower”, which was built in 1929 and was distinguished as the tallest building from La Brooklyn for 80 years, and rose in 2019 to position 10, JDS Development Group believes the opposite.

To say its creators, the development of “The Brooklyn Tower” will not encourage other construction companies to build more residential or office buildings that reach more than 984 feet in height For a reason: “We knew this would be the tallest building in Brooklyn and probably will be for many decades. Actually, there is no other place where you can build such a tall building ”.

The Brooklyn Tower

But where it could happen is in Manhattan where the image is different, where you can find super slim buildings that rise higher and higher, many of them concentrated below Central Park called “Billionaire’s Row”.

According to the creators of “The Brooklyn Tower”, The striking building not only offers 150 rational-sized luxury homes, as well as 400 affordable homes through the Housing New York program.

Likewise, they have emphasized that anyone who looks at the building and then poses their eyes to the tip of it will think that it would be a dream to be able to live there, however, it is not like that it was a building created for real people to be part of it.

The Brooklyn Tower

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