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«Brujo», first to cross the finish line of La Sal 2021



Meritorious arrival of the crew of Alberto de Castro’s Swan 45 Brujo, which was the first to enter the finish line of the Ruta de la Sal 2021, after just over 28 hours of extremely hard navigation through the Denia Canal and the ring road to the Pituises, due to the lack of wind that sailors have encountered in this edition of the Ruta de la Sal 2021.

Alberto de Castro’s men have overcome the challenge of being the first to cross in real time in this test, which has put the endurance capacity of the sailors to the test, since the entire fleet, both those who have left Barcelona, Like those in Denia, they have encountered some ex-harsh conditions, given the lack of wind throughout the Western Mediterranean.

Alberto Castro and his crew have managed to take full advantage of this difficult situation of sailing with little wind and have arrived at Sant Antoni de Portmany with a considerable advantage over their rivals, which makes them think that they may be the absolute winners of the race. Denia’s fleet since its most direct competitors are still far away. On Friday night, on the approach to Cabo de Barbary, Brujo already managed to establish an important difference over his more competitive pursuers such as Foxy Lady, IMX 45 by Klaus Bauer, Clem, Swan 56 by Jaime Olazabal or Nautic Café del Mar, Sword 34 by Javier Rabelo.

A great challenge in the absence of wind

At 3:30 p.m. on Saturday 28, 10 boats of the Denia version have not yet thrown in the towel, and they continue to battle against the calm with the desire to cross the finish line under sail. The challenge of patience and nerves that the lack of wind supposes for the sailors has made a dent in the rest of the fleet that has declared its withdrawal to put an engine and reach port or to anchor in some of the beautiful coves of Ibiza.

The mini-salt version, also leaving from Denia and with a direct route to Sant Antoni of 50 miles, was an alternative that has attracted some sailors who have decided to switch to this version at the last minute due to the lack of wind. All but one have been overcome in this challenge to patience since the nerves involved in overcoming the calm, have made them withdraw. Only the Illuka is the only Mini-Sal boat that is still racing. Illuka’s resistance could culminate in a victory to be dedicated to its former owner, Pepe Santos, who started thousands of sailors in deep-sea sailing and who died a few months ago.

Progressive, but slow progress for those from Barcelona

For its part, the Barcelona version fleet, whose route was shortened in anticipation of unfavorable conditions for sailing, is slowly progressing towards Sant Antoni de Portmany, in Ibiza. The Flomali 2, Alex Staring’s Swan 60, and Manel Codina’s Gymir, Maxi Dolphin 65, lead the fleet, followed by the Atlant del Vent, David Tur’s IMX 45, the Yellow Rose, Marten Jan Ringers’ X-35 and the Marjuin, Grad Soleil 50 by Pere Roquet.

The first of the Barcelona version are 34 miles from the finish line, and considering the wind conditions, they are expected to arrive from 12 at night and throughout the morning.

The time limit for all boats is established at 11 am on Sunday, May 30, and the trophy ceremony will be held on the same Sunday at 12 noon.

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