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“Brussels blackmails the few who oppose the mainstream progressive”




Hungary, along with Poland, has a hard fight with the EU that its Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó describes as “ideological warfare”. In the case of the Government of Viktor Orban, it has been aggravated by the law that prohibits LGBT activists from accessing schools, by which the EU threatens to block the recovery fund in Budapest.

How far will Hungary go in defense of this law and its fight with the EU?

There will be no assignment. We will not compromise on the future and safety of our children. It is the exclusive right of parents to educate their children about sexual orientation and no one else, no NGO, will interfere. Parents are the ones who best know their children and when to give them that education and in what form. I reject the accusations that present this law as anti-LGBT, because it does not say anything about the feelings between adults or with whom they live. Only that the sexual education of minors corresponds to the parents.

The EU is simply blackmailing. Von der Leyen was going to announce the agreement for the fund in Budapest, but when the law was passed the Commission paralyzed him. He put artificial problems on the table and made it clear that he would not give us the money if we did not withdraw it. The fund has nothing to do with the law, the confusion between the two goes against any EU regulation. Now this does not stop us. The Hungarian economy is growing very fast and investors are very confident. We have money to start the planned projects.

What risks do you see in imparting this content? Doesn’t the law hide part of social reality from children?

We prohibit NGOs from providing sex education in kindergartens and schools, showing children pornographic content, and promoting homosexuality and sex change in them. It does not mean that sexuality is not taught in Biology class, but sexual orientation is a parent’s right. We do not allow to confuse children, disturb their development. I don’t want my children to be told stories that begin with two kings, two fathers, or two mothers. King and queen, father and mother, prince and princess … It’s how it has been hundreds or thousands of years, let it continue like this.

“You can learn about sexuality in Biology class, but sexual orientation is an exclusive right of parents”

Is Hungary waging an ideological war against the EU?

Yes, because the dominant liberal culture is enormously powerful, look at the political or media landscape. The few countries that go against it are under severe attack. Our genuinely right-wing government pursues patriotic policies, puts the national interest first, and is based on a Christian-democratic approach. It goes against what the liberal current dictates. Also, we are successful, and everything in one package is indigestible for that liberal mainstream. Yes, the European Commission ideologizes matters that it should not, such as vaccines, and acts outside the Treaties, which say that the Commission is a technical body, not a political one.

Has the return of the Taliban raised fears of a new wave of refugees. Should we wait for that wave?

It is very important not to repeat the mistakes of 2015. When statements are made such as “All Afghans at risk should be allowed to leave the country”, or “Afghans should go to neighboring countries” are open invitations. It is the same as in 2015, when all Syrians were asylum in Germany, no matter how they arrived. Thousands of immigrants have already entered Iran and, if Europe does not stop this irresponsible attitude, we may be hit by a wave of migration greater and more severe than in 2015.

Szijjártó poses before beginning the conversation with this newspaper
Szijjártó poses before beginning the conversation with this newspaper – José Ramón Ladra

In a way, has Brussels adopted your point of view on immigration?

Sometimes verbally. They say things we said six years ago, even if they don’t admit that we were right. But they act different. We have spent more than a billion to protect our southern border and we do not receive a euro. Brussels funds NGOs that bring minors and does not fund border protection. It is hypocrisy and double standards.

Does Hungary defend a European defense outside of NATO?

There is no need for parallel structures. We support increasing defense spending to 2% of GDP and for Europe to develop capacities to not depend on the US In Hungary we have launched a major military modernization plan. We must protect ourselves, but not duplicate structures.

“If Europe does not stop its irresponsible attitude, it could be hit by a wave of refugees greater than that of 2015”

Orban presents himself as the scourge of communism, but he is close to China and Russia. Its coherent ? Is he the best ally of Xi Jinping and Putin?

He founded Fidesz in the 1980s and was the first to urge Soviet troops to leave. He is a key figure in the democratizing process and questioning his anti-communism is ridiculous. The European position is very hypocritical, because those who rant the most do the most business. When the German chancellor meets with the Chinese president, there are billions of contracts. Same France. Our policy is pragmatic, of mutual respect. Regarding vaccines, their ideologization is the best example of the Commission’s irresponsibility. For us it is about saving lives. Until May, the distribution by western producers was delayed and we buy vaccines from Russia and China, with the approval of our experts. We were the first to reach 60% vaccinated. This made it possible to advance the reopening of the economy by two months.

The opposition will be grouped with a single candidate in 2022. Is Orban’s fourth term at risk?

This union, from the extreme right to the extreme left, makes the choice very clear: continue with what has happened since 2010, rising wages and family allowances, growth and lower debt, or return to a country under the IMF, debt through the roof and unemployment. They do whatever it takes to kick us out, but people will do the right thing.

How is the relationship with the Government? Is your reference in Spain Vox?

We do not interfere in internal affairs. If the Spanish are not happy with Sánchez and the communists, they will throw them out in the elections. Our political position is closer to Vox, but we are also in contact with the PP.

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