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Brussels is finalizing that Volodimir Zelenski will attend the leaders’ summit in person on Thursday, according to various media


He would also speak, according to La Stampa and the Financial Times, before the plenary session of the Eurochamber in his second departure from the country since the start of the war

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky.SERGEY DOLZHENKOEFE
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A week after the EU-Ukraine summit in kyiv on Friday, logistical and security work is well advanced for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to return the hearing in what would be his second outing of the country since the start. of the Russian invasion.

As they advance The stamp and Financial Times, the trip, top secret, is not 100% confirmed nor will it be until the last minute, since the risk in each displacement is very high, as Zelenski himself acknowledged after meeting Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel in his territory. Even so, both parties believe that it is time, after he traveled to Washington a few months ago to meet Joe Biden and address Congress.

On Thursday, the heads of State and Government of the 27 will meet in the community capital in an informal European Council, where they will address the situation of the war, the response to the US protectionist measures and the migration issue. As he points The stampThe idea is that Zelenski also intervenes before the European Parliament, in a special session that will be organized for that same day. Nothing is planned, at least in principle, with the NATO Secretary General, whose headquarters are also in Brussels.

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The EU has been speculating for 11 months with a trip by Zelenski. Some governments, fully understanding the risks, did not like that the Ukrainian crossed the planet to go to Washington but has not done the same with Brussels, despite the economic and military support, the sanctions on Russia or the fact that he was quickly granted the candidate country status to potentially start accession negotiations.

Of all the possible appointments, this one seems the strangest, since it is an informal Summit, a formula that is used regularly and that in theory does not lead to legally binding decisions of any kind. It is normal for the country that has the rotating presidency of the Council of the EU (and it has been Sweden since January 1) to always organize both informal councils of ministers and some kind of event with the leaders on its territory. The Swedish government, led by the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, chose not to do anything in their country at the highest level, concentrating on Brussels for the economic response to the challenge that China and the US pose to the competitiveness of companies. So in theory nothing was going to be about Ukraine, not specifically, although it is always present.

The European institutions do not confirm the visit at the moment, and there are no messages from kyiv either. The Ukrainian president has regularly addressed the heads of state and government since March last year, always by videoconference. He has also done it before the Parliaments of practically the entire continent, and some other states. And his ministers are also faithful guests at the Foreign and Defense Councils and NATO ministerial meetings. Sometimes by video or sometimes in person.

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