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Brussels wants to simplify PGI procedures and strengthen their protection in online sales

Harvesting white grapes in an Extremaduran farm. / TODAY

Seeking to reduce the bureaucracy of the registration of wines, spirits and agricultural products in the system that protects European denominations

The European Commission has proposed this Thursday changes in the rules for Protected Geographical Indications (PGI) to simplify the bureaucracy of the registration of wines, spirits and agricultural products in the system that protects European denominations, in addition to reinforcing their respect in sales ‘on-line’.

Brussels affirms that the modifications will allow maintaining the high quality standards and food regulations that apply in the European Union, while taking care of the cultural, gastronomic and local heritage to guarantee that its authenticity is “preserved and certified” throughout the world. .

“By proposing a reinforcement and harmonization of the legal framework we want to stimulate the production of quality traditional products,” Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski said in a statement.

Among the keys to the reform, the Community Executive advocates having shorter and more simplified registration procedures, unifying procedures in a single process for EU and non-EU applicants.

It also calls for better protection on the Internet against misleading sales on digital platforms and confusion around domain names and for Member States to have to recognize PGI producer groups if they so request, so that they can manage, enforce and develop their protected names.

PDO and PGI from Cáceres in Madrid Fusion

The deputy delegate for Tourism of the Diputación de Cáceres, Patricia Valle Corriols, visited this Wednesday the stand that the provincial institution has in Madrid Fusión to support PDO and PGI products, which during those days were shown at this international fair as ambassadors of the best cacereña pantry.

‘Beyond the product’ is the motto with which the Diputación de Cáceres traveled to Madrid to present its gastronomic offer, but also the culture, the culinary tradition, and the resources that the province offers as a sustainable tourist destination.

“These DOP and IGP of the province show environmental, social and economic sustainability through gastronomic products, agriculture and livestock, and through the tasting of the products in the Cáceres restaurant”, said the deputy after meeting with representatives of the respective denominations.

Patricia Valle stressed the importance of gastronomy for social and economic development and for the preservation of traditions. Thus, she pointed out that knowing the PDO and IGP «is knowing a little more about our society and enjoying the love that is put into these products as well as enjoying our culture, tradition, folklore and history. We cannot say that tourism is not transversal.

The Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) products of the province are Dehesa de Extremadura Ham, Ribera del Guadiana Wines, Ibores Cheese, Acehúche Cheese, La Vera Paprika, Casar Cake, Villuercas-Ibores Honey, Gata Hurdes Oil and Cherry. del Jerte, as well as the Protected Geographical Indications (PGI): Ternera de Extremadura and Corderex.

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