Friday, June 24

Brutality Without Cause – Information

In the town where I was born, a group of young people (“mob” they are called in some media to highlight their violent character) he attacked another man at dawn of about the same age. The rain of blows that the victim received in a short space of time was of such intensity that caused death without giving the health services and law enforcement time to help him. The brutality of the attack and, in principle, their apparent lack of motivation, moved the public opinion of the city and the rest of Spain and there were rallies in the street to show solidarity with his family and work colleagues in the elderly residence where he worked as a clinical assistant. At the time I write this comment, there have already been several arrests, but it is pending clarification the cause of the crime. At first, a partner of the victim said she heard him call “Fucking fag” one of the aggressors, which would lead us to classify the episode as a hate crime. But that is not clear either, as it was transcended that in the police media it was taken for granted that the victim and his aggressors they neither knew nor met previously before the attack. Lately, we have known several cases of extreme violence carried out by groups of young people who call themselves “in the sense”, perhaps to highlight their condition of irrational animals. To the general population and local authorities They did not like at all that from now on the name of the city is associated with the tragic event and they emphasize that the crime rate is one of the lowest in the nation. Specifically, on the street where the attack took place, I do not remember anything similar. Many years ago, a journalist was killed shot on the newspaper ladder The Galician Ideal and authorship was attributed to anti-Franco guerrilla. From what I have seen in the media, death from Samuel Luiz it took place very close to what was my parents’ house facing the sea Riazor bravo until we move to Viceroy Osorio. In the city of that time, homosexuals were also harassed and stones were thrown at those suspected of suffering from this inclination. Intolerance was the general norm, and even good social position did not cover shame. One of the richest people in the city was caught on a spree along with others from the same rope and the police He forced him to take a photo with the curlers on his head while completing the arrest procedures. take pricks and insult to dissidents the morality imposed by the dictatorship was commonplace. From time to time, when leaving classes in the afternoon, the schoolchildren would concentrate on the meeting places of the Protestants and were booed. I have no memory of Luther he was accused of homosexuality, but it was not well seen that he had rebelled against him Pope of Rome nor involved with an exclaustrated nun.

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