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Bryony Frost achieves King George’s victory at Frodon, his ‘horse in a million’ | King George VI Chase

It was more than an hour after Bryony Frost crossed the line at King George with Frodon’s 20-1 innings, his “horse in a million,” that the importance of his achievement began to take in. “I didn’t realize that,” she said, when told that she was the first female jockey to win one of the most prestigious show jumping events. “Wow, that’s great.”

She is, and even more so, to have become Britain’s most successful female jockey in show jumping as well, a winner ahead of Lucy Alexander with 175 career victories as she secured her third first degree winner.

But, as Frost also said: “I have won a King George at Frodon for Paul [Nicholls] And the team and that’s the most important thing to me, regardless of the girl stuff and the winners and the numbers and the story and all that. It is the horse that I have been able to do it on, the team that I have been able to do it for, and it is the race. “

Saturday’s race was a Frost-Frodon copybook from the moment his horse pricked up its ears at the first one up close and then lunged at it. They were in front from start to finish, leaping boldly and often brilliantly as best-imagined opponents, including Frodon’s stablemates Cyrname and Clan Des Obeaux, drifted off.

When they last turned with three to jump, Frodon was still running with all his familiar enthusiasm as Clan Des Obeaux and Waiting Patiently tried in vain to bridge the gap. Cyrname and Lostintranslation, which broke a blood vessel, had been stopped at that stage and another jump at the last was enough to seal the victory by just over two lengths.

The only disappointment was that the Boxing Day tickets did not sell out to make them roar down the straight and give the noisy welcome to the winner’s enclosure that both horse and rider deserved.

“You know how fast you’re going and we were doing a correct clip,” Frost said, “and some of the jumps that we did… How a natural creation can do that is amazing. The mechanics, his athleticism, how he deals with his obstacles.

“You fight to keep up with him because he’s 10 steps ahead of you all the time. My brain is constantly trying to keep up with it.

“He has me and I have him. I know his limits and he knows mine. He’s one in a million and I can remember seeing him on the playground when I was just a kid at Paul’s and thinking, ‘Even if I make it to school, that would be epic.’

Instead, Frost was given his first opportunity to ride Frodon in public as a 5-pound claimant in December 2017 and they both clicked the track to such an extent that even when the rider lost his right entirely, the owners of Nicholls and Frodon, Paul and Ruth Vogt, kept the association intact. His faith was quickly rewarded with victory at Ryanair Chase in Cheltenham in March 2019 and an even more prestigious award has now been added to the list.

“I ride like I do,” said Frost, “and some people, horses and trainers may not like it, but it’s not because I’m a girl, it’s the way I was raised and taught.

Fast guide

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Wetherby 11.55 Jennys Day 12.25 Elysian Flame 1.00 Remastered 1.35 Kings Creek 2.10 First Flow 2.45 The Delray Munky 3.20 Parramount

Chepstow 12.30 Champagne Rhythm 1.05 Esprit Du Large 1.40 Marta Des Mottes 2.15 Storm Arising 2.50 Springfield Fox (siesta) 3.25 The Gray Falco 3.55 Supreme Escape

Kempton Park 12.45 Inside her 1.20 Shishkin 1.55 Molly Ollys wishes (nb) 2.30 Rouge Vif 3.05 Darlac 3.40 Torigni

Wolverhampton 1.50 A Go Go 2.25 Warrior Brave 3.00 Three Platoon 3.35 Moonlight In Paris 4.10 Muftakker 4.40 King Of The South 5.10 Rayyan 5.40 Amasova

“Hollie [Doyle] is breaking boundaries, molds, perceptions on the Flat and we pride ourselves on being able to go out and compete on completely flat terrain. You have not seen him as a boy or a girl, you have seen him as a jockey.

“Okay, you have to put on thick skin and stand up and fight at some points, and probably be stubborn, which is quite natural. But for me, my driving is the simplest part. It is the place where there is more happiness and the head is calmer and you can gallop and jump. It’s the best place in the world to be. “

With a King George in the bag, Cheltenham in March could be the best place of all for Frost and Frodon, who are about 14-1 to make their rider the first female Gold Cup winner, on a track that suits your style. much better than Kempton.

“He loves his careers, why not give him a chance?” Frost said. “You wouldn’t even question her stamina on that [performance] today, i’ve been in the bit all the way.

“If Paul says we will go for the Gold Cup, we will follow him blindly.”

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