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Bryson DeChambeau Long Drive Contest: How To Watch The 2021 Long Drive World Championship

The 2021 Professional Long Drivers Association World Championship kicks off on Tuesday, September 28 as golfers from around the world compete to outmatch each other for a grand prize of $ 125,000.

Golfers on the PGA Tour generally do not compete in this event because their courses tend not to be long enough to stand a chance. Bryson DeChambeau, however, knows how to do long runs and is headlining the PLDA event.

The Open Division event begins Tuesday morning in Mesquite, NV, and continues through Wednesday with contestants passing Day 1. They break into groups of 16 golfers each day.

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Why is Bryson DeChambeau in a long driving contest?

The long-running world championship dates back to 1976 when Evan Williams won with a 319-yard dash. DeChambeau averaged 321.5 yards with his driver on the PGA Tour this season. Therefore, the duration of the units has definitely been expanded since the contest began.

Participants have 2 1/2 minutes to hit six balls as far as they can into the specified grid area. There are five groups in the Open Division that contain about 16 people. DeChambeau will appear in Group 3.

DeChambeau will be the first known PGA professional to compete in the event. When DeChambeau was asked why he decided to enter this year’s long run contest, his answer was simple: grow the game of golf.

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“First of all, it’s growing the game. That’s something that’s really important to me,” DeChambeau said in an interview with “I really want to help attract more people to this great game and help them have fun playing. This is simply an incredible opportunity to showcase the athleticism of golf and all the great things that are happening on that side of the sport that they might not have.” . a spotlight on them right now. “

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The unfortunate moment of the long-running contest is that it begins two days after the Ryder Cup ended. Critics were concerned that this would affect DeChambeau’s performance in the 43rd Ryder Cup. However, DeChambeau finished 2-1. 0-1 having enough results.

Ahead of the Ryder Cup, DeChambeau expressed that he has wanted to compete in the long-haul contest for a while after his friend Kyle Berkshire, the current 474-yard long-haul winner, spoke about the event. DeChambeau said he believes the event will help his golf game in the long run.

“I wouldn’t be doing any of this if I didn’t really believe it would make me a better golfer,” DeChambeau said.

Is the long driving world championship on TV?

The 2021 Professional Long Drivers Association World Championship will not be broadcast on cable television. If you want to see DeChambeau and the rest of the field, you can only find it online through a PLDA YouTube channel live stream. You can track the leaderboard and scores live here.

2021 Long Haul Competition TV Show

  • Date: Tuesday, September 28
  • Weather: 3 pm ET | 12 pm PST

DeChambeau appears during Tuesday’s round in Group 3, which begins at 3 pm ET / 12 pm PT. He will be the last to compete of the 16 golfers in his group.

The event will not be on television this year, but will be shown in the PLDA YouTube channel as a live broadcast.

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Bryson DeChambeau’s Longest Trips

  • Longest unit: 480 yards
  • Average unit: 321.5 yards
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DeChambeau is ranked No. 1 on the PGA Tour by longest running average: 321.5 yards. His furthest drive this season came just over the weekend at the Ryder Cup when he was driving 417 yards during the fourball round on Saturday. However, his longest drive on record of his career occurred during “The Match” when he played Aaron Rodgers to compete against Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson. He drove 480 yards on a 777-yard par 5 hole.

But DeChambeau thought he could have hit the ball even further.

“That was disappointing for me,” DeChambeau said, via “I thought I had it, buddy. That was very close to being 550 pretty easily. “

At the Ryder Cup on Sunday, DeChambeau opened his singles match by driving the green to finish off an eagle. He joked with spectators later in the day saying, “Guys, I’m still on the green. Calm down.”

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