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BTS Heardle: South Korean band’s fan create new game to test ARMY’s knowledge about their lyrics

Fame may be ephemeral on social media, but Wordle and BTS have clearly bucked this trend. Now, after the amalgamation of both these worlds — BTS Wordle — fans are hooked to a new game called BTS Heardle.

Taking inspiration for the once-in-a-day word game that asks players to guess word of the day in six attempts, Heardle is all about guessing a song by the septet in seven attempts. Created by fans managing a fan account @BTSChartData, an account that usually compiles data of the South Korean band, it tests fans’ love for the group’s songs.

Unlike their first game BTS Wordle, also created by them, the new game offers hints for each guess. The band, which is known for its poignant and inspirational lyrics, the game tests fans’ knowledge about the same. The website displays both original Korean lyrics and translations in English. Even though most of BTS’ songs are in Korean, the language won’t hinder the bond among fans and artists, thanks to the bilingual fan volunteers who have been translating lyrics of the group since its early days.

The newly created game by fans for the fandom collectively known as ARMY asks players to guess a band’s song in seven attempts.

For the lyric hints used in the new game, @BTSChartData collaborated with a trusted translation fan account, @DoolSetBangtan.

“After the first guess, you can start listening to the snippet,” read the rule on the free website created for BTS’ fandom ARMY. “Skipped or incorrect attempts unlock more of the snippets,” the rules read as it played more of the song of the day. Once players succeed, the correct song plays along with displaying the Spotify link of the said song along with a spoiler-free sharing option, allowing fans to brag about it online.

The Korean band comprising RM, Jin, SugaJ-hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook is arguably the biggest boyband in the world, soaring in its popularity everyday. And it’s not usual to see them dominating social media platforms, particularly Twitter every day. Now, the fandom can’t stop going gaga over the new game, especially those who nailed it in their first attempt, “BTS Heardle” has been dominating trends worldwide.

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While most couldn’t stop sharing their joy of guessing the song in one go, proving their “true purple blood” status, a nod to the fandom’s colour, others loved the messages the website displayed referencing many fun trivia of the band.

Wordle was created by a Brooklyn-based engineer for his girlfriend during the pandemic. It’s not only hooked millions around the world but also inspired a plethora of related games online. From games related to numbers and world map, the list of games inspired by the simple puzzle is endless and certainly has transcended all boundaries.

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