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Budgets grow 9% and stand at around 27,800 million

Budgets grow by 9% and are around 27,800 million | FERNANDO BUSTAMANTE

According to INFORMATION, the allocation for Equality and Inclusive Policies would grow by 300 million. Education would also be strengthened, although the Department of Housing will be the one that will register the greatest increase according to the trustee herself, Pilar Lima. In short, greater investments for the sectors most affected by the health crisis caused by the pandemic.

Budgets grow by 9% and are around 27,800 million | MIGUEL ANGEL MONTESINOS

The main point of dissent among the syndics lay yesterday in the usefulness of the political commission in charge this year of reaching a consensus, without the traditional bilateral negotiation between the Treasury and the ministries. Socialist spokesman Manolo Mata highlighted the agreement reached, although with reluctance. “All’s well That ends well. I think the lack of a pact before Sunday would not have been understood. If the Botànic partners had not reached an agreement, the situation would have been more complicated “, he pointed out. Mata did not hesitate to launch a veiled criticism of the political commission’s formula. “In the previous six years they have been processed on time and this year they have been late. That is an objective data, “he remarked.

Adjusted to reality

“It is the seventh project and the roadmap is set, we know what the priorities are. Budgets must be adjusted to reality, “he explained. “Broadly speaking, it is good news, if it did not occur we would not know under what conditions the Botànic would have continued,” he admitted a day after the agreement.

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The Catalan Ombudsman, Fran Ferri, highlighted the strong social seal of the future accounts for 2022. “In the end we have budgets, that’s the good thing. I think there is enough time to process them, “he commented. “They have worked a lot and very hard to continue maintaining the level of public investment in 2021. These are budgets that put us back on the path of social spending,” he remarked satisfied.

“It is a project that will help us to get out of the current crisis derived from the pandemic and that guarantees the well-being of Valencians,” he argued. On the constitution of a political commission, Ferri did not hide praise: «It has been done for the first time and it has gone very well. It has been a broader negotiation. It is true that in previous years they were approved before, but there was more controversy because many games had to be redone. I think this system is better, “he pointed out.

Pilar Lima, Podem’s trustee, was also one of the satisfied ones. “They are expansive, social and inclusive.” «We are fully satisfied with the budget increase for Housing. The increase is the most important of the entire Consell and will provide the Generalitat with resources to develop the new laws on the matter, “he pointed out. “It breaks again with the austericidal policies to which neoliberalism had us accustomed,” the syndica concluded.

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