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Budó suggests a postponement of the 14-F

Pere Aragonès and Meritxell Budó.

Pere Aragonès and Meritxell Budó.

New hot potato in the Government and a new reason for dissent. The ‘consellera’ of the Presidency and spokesperson for the Government, Meritxell Budó, has questioned this Friday that Catalan elections, scheduled for February 14, can be celebrated.

In an interview on Radio 4, Budó said that the Government works on a device so that all citizens can exercise their right to vote – “We have to find the balance to find the protocols that guarantee the vote to everyone and preserve health,” he stressed – but added that “if we do not succeed, I do not know if the elections can be held on February 14 “. Executiu sources, however, pointed out to ‘El Periódico’, that the “Government reports fully guarantee the holding of the elections and their normal course.”

The postponement of the elections is not contemplated in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is in charge of designing the device for the elections. “We have a device that meets all the guarantees”They point out, and recall that the main objective is for citizens to be able to vote by mail to avoid that a possible contagion prevents them from exercising their right to vote. “It is counterproductive to announce a de-escalation and then say that the elections may not be held,” they emphasize.

The logistics proposed by Exterios, with a total budget of 32 million euros whose transfer of funds has already been approved in the Executive Council, prioritizes that Catalans vote in pavilions or other similar spaces, that they take the vote from home if they want to exercise it in person, and that they separate into at least two queues in the open air : one for risk groups and another for the rest of the voters. It also includes voting by express mail, with a postman as custodian of the vote, and an electoral campaign with hardly any presence. The will of the Generalitat is to form the party table as soon as possible so that decisions are agreed with all the political formations that attend the elections.

Without much encouragement to add fuel to a still burning fire, this week, due to the issue of the provisional de-escalation report leaked to the press, these Executiu sources benevolently point out that Budó “may not have been read” such reports on the elections.

ERC sources, however, were more pointed: “They are looking for excuses for partisan reasons. It is known that Junts needs time to finish training and go to an election,” says a voice that adds that “Budó has gone on his own and not it is acceptable that he wants to change the decisions of the Government for reasons merely of party interest “.

“A single Government”

To make matters worse, the handful of litter thrown into the fire coincided with an entire reflection by Budó herself on the crisis in Palau this week. The Government spokeswoman has admitted that the brawl between JxCat and ERC “has not given a good image” and has argued that in the Executive there was an “intense, healthy, sometimes passionate debate”, at the same time that she has reproached ERC : “Getting up from a table may not be the best solution”. Despite this, it has promised to work so that there is “a single Government”, it has said that it is “committed that this does not happen again” and “to work so that all these discrepancies can be redirected.

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