Wednesday, December 1

Build bridges in the antipodes

Alternatives? From working in the Oklahoma oil wells in the United States, with a good salary but thousands of kilometers from the beach of San Juan, to becoming a highly qualified teacher of Mathematics at a high school in Vega Baja, to calculating structures to support bridges in Australia. Civil engineers, like doctors, physicists or journalists, eat every day.

The Demarcation of the Valencian Community of the College of Civil Engineers, Channels and Ports, through its Urban Planning Commission meeting in the province of Alicante, has analyzed, in this sense, in a detailed way the new General State Budgets and denounce that Many of the infrastructures necessary for the structuring of the province of Alicante have once again been left out, so we will have to continue waiting another year for some infrastructure needs that they consider basic to be covered.

The engineers insist that there is a deficit of investment in infrastructure in the province of 4,000 million euros, and the amount reflected in the 2022 PGE for infrastructure in Alicante represents, according to their calculations, 1.4% of the total, when it should around 3.9%, according to the group. One of the consequences of this budget decline is the fact that many professionals are forced, therefore, to carry out the functions of road engineering, outside the province due to lack of employment. On the other hand, this lack of investment results in the absence of a boost to sustainable mobility that is so necessary in cities, since these PGEs do not provide rail and public transport solutions as an alternative to private vehicles. «Who is going to go to Alcoy or Benidorm by bus if it takes two hours? In the end, they force us to take the car even though they always tell us about the importance of sustainable mobility, ”stresses Andrés Rico, who saw one day live as his own son, an engineer like him, looked for a job in Paris and no longer has turned.

Equitable sharing

From the Urban Planning Commission of the College of Civil Engineers in Alicante they demand the equitable distribution of the investment in the different autonomous communities and provinces, for which the Generalitat Valenciana is urged to cover the budget deficit of the PGE through the budgets autonomic. In addition, there are reports that guarantee that the infrastructures in which investment is made in the province achieve a high social profitability compared to other projects. Many of these projects are stagnant, there is no progress in them and, therefore, they cannot be budgeted or tendered in the short or medium term. In this sense, many deadlines for the financing granted by the European Funds will even be breached, which would have serious consequences.

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