Wednesday, April 17

Bulls Fallas Fair 2022: Roca Rey and Manzanares, brave change of script

Radical change in the square. In less than twenty-four hours, as if it were a matter of Lope’s muses, we went from calm to storm, from the elegant carpet on which Aguado and Morante himself exhibited the day before, to the rough sand in which they battled Roca copper and also Manzanares that, like the greats without abandoning their own forms, withstood the challenge of courage. It was a coming of the breeze to enjoy the storm, passing from the violins to a tremendous drumming that made the parish levitate as soon as the rhythm intensified. That is also bullfighting, I would say more, it is necessary and urgent bullfighting if we want to gain followers, so squeamishness is prohibited.

And as an obligatory complement to reach the category of great spectacle in which a good afternoon of bullfighting becomes, in twenty-four hours we went from a meekness concert to an exhibition of bravery in all the nuances and versions in which bravery is shown, by the way, none of them boring. All the Victorians presented challenges to overcome: the noble and brave as the third because they had to be up to the task; the first because he would not get out of the crutch; the second because he wanted more than he could after two tremendous somersaults; in the good fifth because the wind bothered more than ever and good control of it was not easy; and before the sixth, he dropped and let go, I think the lights affected him, because he had to be tied up when he fled; and the fourth because he thought about it a lot before committing. They were all bulls to bet on. A pleasure when so much is said about the risk of monotony and globalization, afternoons like yesterday’s come to put things in their place and remember the whys and wherefores and secrets of emotion. In the face of Victoriano’s bullfight, solutions had to be thought of, bets had to be taken, nothing turned out the same and there was always room for surprise: Manzanares’ snatched exit with the cape is an example; That pass from Roca’s chest, hooking the bull from behind to empty it, I say, through the opposite shoulder, where he had caught it, was a shock that put the lines, those in the sun and those in the shadow, on their feet, was another example. It is already known and cannot be forgotten, that variety is richness.

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In this panorama, a square full despite the weather, a passionate public, the wind as the damned protagonist, Roca Rey was once again the winning warrior, the hero willing to immolate himself on the altar of the four winds in which the square was converted when he addressed his bravo/bravisísimo first. That was the sensation that he produced when he put up with him undaunted in the media, to take wind from the wind. The guy stayed right there, planted, clinging to the ground while Victoriano’s guy passed like an express and went by again and waited for him again in the same way. Those are the things that make a bullfighter end up looking like a superior being, who does what others are not/we are capable of doing. Then came the linked series. God, how important it is to link if you want to excite! the creeping crutch, the chest pass that referred to them, the right, the left, the wind that turned everything into a Russian roulette for more drink, the lunge with a deflection, that should have happened and the failure with the damn foolishness that was repeated in the sixth as if there were no real master of the crosshead in the team but in an afternoon of so much shock everything is possible, even losing a big door luckily so little bullfighter.

His second job was another bet on all or nothing. If the first was staged in the media, this had to be where the elusive condition of the bull imposed and there he stole naturals, he clutched with his right until he was squeezed and finally on very ladies’ grounds he was on top of him, he put his chest and thighs on top of him. the pythons and the lines roared again, with the same final outcome.

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In that environment Manzanares did not give up his weapons at any time, after all he was in his corral, he faced the gusts of wind with the greatest risk and serenity, he managed to strengthen his wobbly first until he rounded off right-handed series with a lot of connection and command. There was a trench, torn from the soul, which had the air of the great Silverio, but where he definitely grew was in the fifth. In one and the other he fought the veronica with outburst and the start of the fight to that fifth was a monument. Firmness, reunion, control, the chest accompanying the attacks, the broken straight line and naturally the square on foot. The task had another high point, when the bull was ripped off just as the muleta was flying and there was not the slightest rectification, another issue that differentiates the greats from ordinary citizens, a sample of what serene courage is and without fuss. Then came the league series, chest passes to the opposite shoulder pure Alicante and the Ronda cites of the chest in front and the soles clinging to the ground. It was the expected Manzanares who this time betrayed his strength, the sword.

Diego Urdiales did not have his afternoon, the air of this land does not suit him well, a pity. I have in my memory the pairs of Víctor, Mambrú, Chacón and Duarte, who also had an excellent fight. What was said after the bullfighting calm on Thursday was yesterday’s thunder. It is not bad, in a society as bipolarized as ours, bullfighting is forced to go through both sides. Everything is bullfighting, fire and calm and that everyone chooses.


  • Bulls:
    Bulls of Victoriano del Río and Toros de Cortés. Well presented and brave bullfight.

  • Diego Urdiales:
    Ovation with greetings in both.

  • Jose Maria Manzanares:
    Ovation with greetings after warning in both.

  • King Rock:
    Ear and applause after two notices.

  • Entry:
    Almost full. At the end of the paseo, a minute of silence was observed in memory of the bullfighting adviser Paco Ferri.

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