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Burger King to cut self-service menu to speed up customer service

Burger King seeks to reduce waiting time in self-service because it represents a greater volume of sales.

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Burger King is undergoing some restructuring work in the United States, including the trimming of menu items, seeking to speed up your service times in the self-service area, published CNBC.

José Cil, executive director of Restaurant Brands International, explained that the service times of the hamburger chain have increased in the last year, then the pandemic has led to an increase in self-service orders, even when consumers are vaccinated against Covid-19.

Reducing times is an “easy profit” to boost sales volume, Cil said.

Burger King is not the only fast food chain affected by its self-service times this year, as a survey by SeeLevel HX found that customers spent almost half a minute more waiting compared to last year.

This change in consumer behavior has pushed restaurants to speed up service times as the industry faces a labor shortage.

“We are working to eliminate SKUs (Stock Keeping Unit, which are elements to control and manage stock in the warehouse), simplify processes that have become a bit complicated and do a better job in terms of menu design to make it easier for customers in the drive-thru, in particular, to make decisions”, Cil detailed at the Morgan Stanley Global Consumer and Retail conference.

The executive did not clarify which menu items could disappear, but said the goal is to simplify operations: “Given the increased volume in drive-thru, it’s a really easy win in terms of generating additional volume in our business”.

Cil has acknowledged his disappointment in Burger King’s performance in the US this year and vowed to accelerate growth in his local market to achieve better performance.

During the third quarter, sales in the same stores of the chain in the country contracted 1.6%, while their rivals McDonald’s and Wendy’s they achieved positive numbers.

Given the results obtained, in addition to reducing its menu, Burger King is also leaving paper coupons for favor your loyalty program and mobile application.

It is also reorganizing its leadership team with the appointment of its former COO, Tom Curtis, as director of its Americas region. It also made the purchase of Restaurant Brands, where it seeks to provide its expertise in national and international technology and development to help accelerate sales.

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