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Bush denounces that today the greatest threat is political radicalization

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After 20 years of the war against terrorism, the greatest threat to the United States comes from within, as the man who led the nation hit by the bloodiest terrorist attacks in history proclaimed yesterday. The measures words of George W. Bush – “politics has become a stark call to anger, fear, resentment” – they were thunderous in the absence of the previous president, Donald J. Trump, of some gloomy and still painful commemoration acts 20 years later.

Bush accompanied the vice president Kamala Harris to the Pennsylvania mine where United Flight 93 crashed on September 11, 2001 at 10:03 a.m. EDT with 40 people and four terrorists on board. It is a place of homage to the heroism of a passenger and a crew who, informed by mobile phone that two other planes had crashed in New York, rioted and caused the fall to prevent another attack in the capital.

There, Bush, who is far more popular today than he left office in 2009, proclaimed: “In the weeks and months after the September 11 attacks, I was proud to lead a united people, amazing and tough. But, if we analyze the unity in America, those days already seem very distant ».

«The evil forces that seem to act in our common life turn every disagreement into a fight and every fight into a clash of cultures. Much of politics has become a stark appeal to anger, fear, resentment. That leaves me concerned about our nation and our joint future. I come without explanations or solutions. I can only tell you what I have seen. In a journey of suffering and pain for America, I saw millions of people shake hands and go out to help others. That’s the America I know, ”Bush said.

Those words highlighted the great absence of yesterday’s session. In New York there were the Clintons and the Obamas. The Bidens traveled to the three sites of the attacks, New York, Pennsylvania and the Pentagon in Virginia. And Donald Trump only had on schedule to officiate as a commentator for a boxing evening that was going to take place in Hollywood, a town in Florida. The statement that Trump issued to commemorate 9/11 was full of that division, those reproaches, that animosity that Bush denounced.

9/11 is, Trump said, “a very sad day” because of the attacks. But it is also because of “the way our war against those who did so much damage to our country ended last week. The loss of 13 great soldiers and many more who were injured should never have happened. In all, 250 people died in Afghanistan last week and many more were seriously injured. They took $ 85 billion of the best and most sophisticated military equipment from us without ever being fired upon. The leader of our country was ridiculed as a fool and that should never happen again. He later sent another statement criticizing Biden for forcing officials to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The looting of the Capitol

The defeats in the elections almost a year ago, the false allegations of fraud and the looting of the Capitol have opened a gigantic gap between Trump and his supporters and the rest of the country. That is what Bush was referring to in his speech. Trump did not even want to put aside his differences with Biden to honor 9/11 to the 2,997 dead from those attacks by Al Qaida. It was unclear if he was not invited or if he declined an invitation, but he announced through his headline tabloid, the ‘New York Post’, that he would visit Ground Zero on his own to honor the victims.

After the sacking of the Capitol on January 6 of this year, with five deaths, there were not a few Democratic legislators who demanded, and managed, that a 9/11-style commission of inquiry be created.

The argument was that, since 2001, that insurrection had been the darkest day for the American republic, an act of national terrorism. The condemnations of the insurgents and Trump, who cheered them on at first – he told them “we love you” on social media – were at first generalized. But the former president has maintained a dedicated base of faithful, both deputies and senators and ordinary voters, which has allowed him to maintain control of the party.

After commemorating the victims in Manhattan, the Bidens visited Pennsylvania, where a spokesperson for the victims’ families, Gordon Felt, asked the White House to declassify all reports on the attacks. “There are still many unanswered questions about the day, facts to be declassified and disclosed, and justice to be done,” said Felt, whose brother died in Pennsylvania, before speaking with the president and first lady.

There are still many gaps about planning and implementation, about the role of Saudi citizens and about the immediate response of the government. These loopholes have given rise to all kinds of conspiracy theories, such as the one that defends, still in force in internet forums, that United Flight 93 did not fall due to a riot in the passage but rather due to a missile launched by the North American Armed Forces.

It is true that the vicepresidente Dick Cheney He authorized the Air Force to shoot down the plane if it got dangerously close to Washington or any other inhabited area, but it was not necessary to give any order, because the flight fell earlier.

Biden ended the day at the Pentagon, where at 09:37 on September 11, 2001, American Flight 77 crashed with 59 people on board and five terrorists. 125 more people died in this headquarters of the Department of Defense. It was a sacrifice that, for today Defense Minister Lloyd Austin, It was not in vain.

The war against terrorism, which is still open, allowed the United States to prevent another attack of this nature on national soil. “We made those who attacked us pay. We made bin Laden pay. We destroy Al Qaida. No one has attacked the US, least of all from that area in 20 years, “Austin said. Yes there have been attacks in London, Madrid, Brussels, Paris and many other places.

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