Wednesday, December 1

Busot gives a plot to the Terra Consortium for the construction of an eco-park

The Comprehensive Waste Plan of the Valencian Community (PIRCV) includes the different types of ecoparks. The one to be built in Busot is classified as type B, whose characteristics include dimensions of up to 1,000 square meters, at a single level organized around a central esplanade, where the necessary elements for the management of the different fractions are placed. of waste.

In the case of the plot that has been assigned by the Town Hall of Busot, it is located in polygon 3, with an area of 930 square meters and with space for six 18-square-meter containers for the selective collection of paper / cardboard, containers and glass, and several tanks and cages for the collection of hazardous waste and RAEEs.

350,000 kg of waste per year

The forecast is that 350,000 kg of waste will be collected per year in this new facility. The integrated management system, computerization, long opening hours (30 hours a week) and new signage are other characteristics that the Busot eco-park will have.

The president of the Terra Consortium thanked the collaboration of the “Busot City Council, its mayor and all his team for the assignment of the plot so that the consortium can install a nearby eco-park, which provides service to all residents to achieve our goal. What is it grow sustainably, take care of our environment and that everything is much cleaner ”.

Likewise, López stressed that “the achievement of this objective is to facilitate that we can all have a place to deposit waste, which is managed correctly, and on the part of the consortium the commitment is to be very alert to control that this is fulfilled at the foot of the letter”.

For his part, the mayor of Busot has underlined “the important work that is being done by the Consortium so that the waste management gradually becomes professionalized and, above all, is able to capture the largest number of tons, so that in the end the objective that they set for us from Europe is reached, which is that it be separated in origin ”. He also thanked the consortium for the investment and highlighted “the location of the plot, away from the urban area in order to avoid inconvenience”.

Other consistories in the area of ​​influence of the Terra Consortium have also proceeded to carry out the transfer or are finalizing it, such as the consistories of Alcoy, Ibi, Tibi, Muro, Sant Joan, Xixona and Agost. The rest of the localities are pending of different administrative procedures to proceed with the free and definitive transfer of the corresponding plot to the Consortium.

The launch of the Ecoparks Management Project is one of the entity’s main objectives for this year. This includes a network of 14 ecoparks, 9 of which would be new construction and that would be added to the existing ones in San Vicente del Raspeig, Xixona, Muro, Ibi and Benilloba, in which various improvements would have to be implemented, in addition to 5 contribution areas.

At the end of last year, the General Board of the Terra Consortium gave the green light to the budgets that included the necessary amount to start this Ecoparks Management Project, which is progressing steadily.

All these actions carried out by the Terra Consortium are aimed at meeting the objectives of the Agenda 2030 within the framework of European legislation on waste, as well as the applicable regulations in the Valencian Community, the Comprehensive Waste Plan (PIRCV).

These steps are essential to continue moving towards a circular economy model that prioritizes the use of resources through reuse and recycling, for which the involvement and collaboration of all the town councils in the management area is necessary, as highlighted from Terra.

The Terra Consortium is made up of municipalities in the counties of El Comtat and part of l’Alcoià and l’Alacantí: Agres, Alcoleja, Alcosser, Alfafara, Almudaina, l’Alqueria d’Asnar, Balones, Benasau, Beniarrés, Benilloba, Benillup , Benimarfull, Benimassot, Cocentaina, Facheca, Famorca, Gaianes, Gorga, Millena, Muro, l’Orxa, Planes, Quatretondeta y Tollos, next to Alcoy, Benifallim, Ibi, Penáguila, Tibi, Agost, Aigües, Busot, Mutxamel, Sant Joan of Alicante, San Vicente del Raspeig, La Torre and Les Maçanes and Jijona. Along with these 37 local entities, they are members of the Terra Consortium, the Generalitat Valenciana and the Provincial Council of Alicante.

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