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Buy a Garmin watch: what you should look for and differences between the different models

Garmin is a brand that has been manufacturing current devices for years, with a multitude of functions and options. They have been placed at the forefront of smart watches. they not only establish functions with the mobile, but also modes for different sports and health, which help us to progress.

Their price varies from just under a hundred euros to 2,500 euros. It is a very good quality brand that has watches for all tastes.

As you will be thinking about having the best possible watch, here we make a small guide for you to find yours.

Buy a Garmin watch:

What should I look for in a Garmin?

They are all good quality watches and there is a wide range according to price. For this, we give you a couple of tips on what you should pay attention to.

To get started, his style It’s essential. Anyone looking for a watch to go to work meetings or the office should look for something simple and elegant. The same thing happens, on the contrary, if you are one of those who are going to climb mountains, a watch with an elegant cut will not hit you and will not help you either.

Their functions are another thing to look at. Almost all of them have systems that allow you to measure your health status, but only a few help you play golf. The same goes for those that have an altimeter, perfect for climbers. You have to know what you want to choose your smart watch well.

Something that goes hand in hand with the design is its endurance. Watches made for exploration have military certifications and are made from much harder materials. Its straps are more resistant and its spheres are protected in a special way. It is a fact to take into account.

Lastly, there is the price. These are not cheap watches, if you want to spend a little money we will give you some options, but you must bear in mind that, at a higher price, greater benefits.

For those who care about style

If you are one of those who like to be fashionable and made a brush, these watches are for you. They all have health and sports-oriented functions, but we consider them to be the best urban smartwatches of the brand.

Those that can serve you for day to day, wherever you go can be the following.

Vivoactive 4/4S

This is one of the best and most complete watches in value for money. You have the possibility of downloading many songs in it so that you can later listen whenever you want. It uses Bluetooth headphones, although they are sold separately.

Have various sport modes, where indoor ones such as yoga stand out. Although it is also valid for swimming. Its silicone strap and stainless steel dial will cope with water sports without problems.

Its screen will let you see perfectly, even if there is a lot of light in the environment and you can customize it with apps and widgets. You can also pay thanks to GarminPaymaking your life more comfortable.

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Of course, it has physical fitness measurement, calories, sleep monitoring, stress management, etc. Perfect if you want to maintain your fitness optimally. And you will only have to recharge it after a week due to its battery, with a autonomy up to 8 days.

Garmin Vivoactive 4

Venus range

If you are looking for some more function, perhaps the Venu range is for you. It is a sports watch made for those with a busy life and do not have time to have several watches for different events.

When work at the office doesn’t leave you time to go to the gym, but you still want to take care of yourself, the Venu will help you, since by design they are watches that can be worn at any time.

The three maximum exponents of this range, such as the Venu 2, 2S and 2 Plus They have 25 sports modes and workouts with animations on the screen. So you can get in shape anywhere.

In addition, you will also be able to listen to your music and you will feel cared for thanks to its multiple health monitoring modes. They can monitor sleep qualitystress level, blood oxygenpulsations, maintenance of physical form and even the menstrual cycle.

They have a battery that can reach last up to 11 days as in the case of the Venu 2. They all have a high quality screen type AMOLED, as well as gps.

Garmin Venu 2


If you want to show that you have what it takes to lead your company with talent and courage, the Legacy Hero is your perfect watch.

It is a series of watches inspired by Captain Marvel and Captain America, with animations and personalized menus based on these heroes. They both have stainless steel bezels and tactical leather straps that make them really tough.

can hold up to 8 days without recharging and it also offers you exclusive medals when you achieve goals from sports applications. They are watches that do nothing but inspire you on a daily basis.

You will be able to receive and respond to notifications by synchronizing these watches with your Android mobiles. You can also listen to all the music you have on Spotify, Deezer or Amazon Music, not to mention their ability to pay easily. They are watches made to feel connected at all times.

Garmin Legacy Hero

If you are an athlete, these are your watches

Perhaps you are looking for a little more rhythm and physical effort or you are a golf lover. Be that as it may, here we leave you the watches that best adapt to your daily effort.

That is, those who are prepared to inform you of all your physical activity for the day.

forerunner 955

The Garmin Forerunner 955 has a normal and a solar edition. It is a smartwatch or for those who love to run. It has integrated GPS, smart notifications, automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, real-time tracking and music control.

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In fact, includes training tools such as intervals, audio prompts, and a specific run/walk activity profile. Although it is a watch mainly designed for running, it does not stop there: you can change its mode so that it measures your run both outdoors and on a treadmill, on a bike or for an elliptical session, for example.

Of course it remains that he has all the perfect technology for a runner: counts steps, calories, sleep monitoring, heart rate and the most active minutes of activity.

Plus, you can plan your strategy with daily recommended training sessions, course details, and more in the race widget. Their autonomy is up to 20 days.

Garmin Forerunner 955

Approach S62

If you are a golf loverthe Approach S62 is what you are looking for.

This watch has an easy-to-use interface, with CourseView color maps and PlaysLike distances for uphill and downhill shots. Also, carries memorized a total of 42,000 golf courses from all over the world.

Their autoshot function, It gives you information about the distances during each shot and records your shots for detailed analysis.

You can also measure the relationship between backswing and down swingthe speed of swing and the angle of travel of the club. This is a real golf computer on the wrist.

And of course, gpscolor touch screen 1.3 inches, counts steps, calories burned, distance and sleep monitoring. Rechargeable battery for up to 20 golf blades and 14 days in watch mode.

Garmin Approach S62

Phoenix 7

In this Garmin you can choose a standard version, solar and a call Sun Sapphire (much more premium).

If outdoor sports are your thing, the Fenix ​​series is your best ally. These watches have several versions, but we are going to focus on the most performant of all, such as the Sapphire Solar.

This smart watch will be ready to face anything thanks to its solar battery. can reach the 22 days of autonomy in smart watch mode.

It has a multitude of sports options of the most varied and demanding. Apart from running, swimming and other modalities more normal, it also has indoor climbing mode, Nordic skiing, cross-country skiing, mountain biking and surfing.

Has the TopoActive maps of Europe pre-installed and use the integrated WiFi® connectivity to update them when necessary.

How could it be otherwise, it also incorporates meters of heart rate, body battery, sleep and stress monitoringsuggestions for training sessions and everything else you may need.

Garmin Fenix ​​7 Sapphire Solar

Only for those whose destiny is adventure

Running through jungles, climbing mountains, fording rivers, jumping into the void… If all this seems like an unbeatable plan, here we have the smartwatches made for adventurers like you.

They are very resistant, but they also provide quality and manageability.

Instinct 2 Solar

This sports watch has been designed in accordance with military standards thermal performance, shock resistance and submersible to a depth of 100 meters.

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The fiber reinforced polymer case provides extra resistance, while the screen is resistant to scratches thanks to its treatment Corning Gorilla Chemically Strengthened

You will almost never run out of battery thanks to its solar mode, which uses the screen to recharge the battery thanks to the energy of the sun. You can remove functions from the clock so that it lasts longer, eventually having a unlimited autonomy in smart watch mode

Improved optical technology heart rate measures the intensity of sports activity. It can also calculate your stress level and will monitor your blood oxygen level. It will take care of you in the worst places so you always know how much further you can go.

Garmin Instinct 2 Solar

Enduro 2

If you’ve been looking for a watch that makes the most of sunlight, look no further.

The Enduro 2 is a watch that has a case with the technology Power Glass able to absorb sunlight. You can enjoy up to 34 days of autonomy of battery in smartwatch mode, with 12 additional days With solar charging function.

It’s compatible with three international satellite systems. You will never get lost thanks to its GPS and you can also attend to your notifications, messages and emails if you synchronize it with your mobile.

Like the previous model, It is made with hyper-resistant materials of military quality and withstands all kinds of temperatures and mishaps. It has specific profiles for sports such as surfing, swimming, running, cycling, hiking, rowing, strength activities and much more.

Garmin Enduro 2

MARQ Adventurer

This smart watch is the most expensive on the list, because it is within the MARQ series, which is Garmin’s Deluxe range.

The MARQ Adventurer can make a tracking altitude and weather changes. Which is perfect for climbers. It does not forget the style and adds an Italian leather strap that will look luxurious on your wrist.

The 360 degree compass bezel It will allow you to never lose your way. In addition, you will not lose your physical abilities either thanks to the continuous monitoring of oxygen, heart rate and body battery.

Save battery power with the Expedition profile to extend your wilderness travels for weeks. You can use maps TopoActive Europewith topographic information and popular routes to discover new places.

It also has sports modes perfect for those who love the mountains, such as Nordic skiing and climbing. All perfectly set up for the extreme adventurer who isn’t afraid to be wild as well as stylish.

Garmin MARQ Adventurer

After this report you can have no doubts. Garmin smartwatches are some of the best on the market. Its capabilities, functions and finishes have a great quality. Y

Whether you’re an office person or a mountain person, there’s a Garmin for you.

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