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Buying guide for IKEA work tables: best recommendations and 10 outstanding desks from 25 euros

IKEA is a classic when it comes to furnishing the home due to its wide range of options for all budgets and neat results. But not only for the home: it is also a very popular solution to furnish an office and your Markus is probably at the top of the most popular office chairs. Today we offer you a IKEA work table buying guidewith criteria to choose the one that best suits your needs and a selection of the most interesting models.

In search of a table to work at home: advice, ergonomic recommendations and nine desks from 50 euros

Let’s talk about ergonomics

First of all, it is worth doing a quick review of ergonomics and the importance of working in a good posture, because although you can do it from the sofa, your back will thank you for not spending eight hours sprawled out. When you sit in your workspace:

  • Make sure your knees form a 90-degree angle so that your heel is just below your knee.

  • With the knees aligned with the hip, or that the latter is slightly above.

  • That when you rest your arms on the armrests of your chair, the shoulders are in their usual position and that the elbows form a right angle. Important: that the armrests fit under the table, so that we can position ourselves at a suitable distance from the table. display.

  • With the monitor at eye level and in front of you.

  • With a straight back, in a neutral, unforced posture.

With this in mind, it is easier look for a table that allows us to meet these conditions.


Buying guide on how to make your workstation at home ergonomic

How to choose a good work table

The most important thing when choosing a work table is its height. Normally the aforementioned postural aspects can be solved with an adjustable chair, monitor supports or the handy packs of sheets, but if you buy a table with an adjustable or elevating height, you open up the options for comfort and adaptation to different situations, several people alternate space or even work standing up.

Logically we are limited to the space available in our work area, so you have to calculate table dimensions that fit you and that allow you to have your setup in good condition, essential if you carry out your work with several monitors. We insist: be careful with the background from the table so as not to strain your arms or your eyes.

In this sense, you will find models with different shapes that help you take advantage of the space: the simplicity of the rectangular ones, the practical L-shaped ones, an ambitious U-shaped model, corner units or in various heights to make the most of the available space.

One more ergonomic detail: it is interesting that they have a curvature on the edge from which we access, thus minimizing friction and impacts on our arms.

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The assembled setup is one thing and starting to work is another: cables, peripherals, notes, pens… although you can always resort to extra storage and organization furniture, Elements for cable management, shelves and/or drawer units are appreciated.

An obvious thing that we overlooked: apart from aesthetics and price, a table for intensive use must be robust and resistant, both the structure and the deck itself. This point is key if it is liftable.

Regarding the board, we will find MDF chipboard or similar, wood, plastic, glass, steel, among others. Wood and the like are pleasant to the touch, while others are cooler. In any case, you can place a pad to cover the workspace, gaining precision and speed for your mouse and taking care of the piece of furniture in question.

Buying guide for an organized desk for work at home and in the office: stands, power strips, cable organizers and more

Extra IKEA tables

Within the vast IKEA universe there are a series of interesting features to get right with your future table:

  • Modularity and options. One of the advantages of IKEA is that in addition to products, it has complete lines so that you can furnish your work area that combines being from the same family. But not only that: there are models that offer different sizes, colors or even formats, which will allow you to better adapt to your circumstances and expand your space in the future if necessary. An example: the BEKANT series has more than 100 products.

  • Ease of assembly. You already know that you have to assemble your furniture, but the assembly is not as easy, fast or requires the same tools. It is not a differentiating factor, but it is worth checking the process beforehand.

  • You will find a lot of tables, but not all of them are equally resistant. IKEA has usual certifications in professional furniture such as ANSI or BIFMA, which guarantees you a certain durability and quality after passing (and passing) different exhaustive tests. This is the case of the BEKANT, IDÅSEN, THYGE and SKARSTA.

Featured Models



Watch out for this LINNMON / ADILS (25 euros) because very little money you can have a work table. Of course, basic and simple, with 4 legs screwed to a board and little else.

With a 100 x 60 cm work surface and different color options, stands out for its easy assembly and an original mechanism on the legs to “fit” them, ideal on uneven floors. With fiber board and easy-to-clean steel legs.

Can be interesting as a booster table or for occasional usesince its proposal falls short, especially at an ergonomic level.



The VITTSJÖ (49 euros) is another cheap table that can be used for work, although strictly speaking, IKEA calls it a laptop table because it doesn’t fit much more.

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Among its most interesting features, its minimalist lines fit into the most varied spaces and the use of tempered glass and steeltwo materials that give a stylish industrial touch and offer resistance.

Be careful because it is a 100 x 36 cm table limited in terms of length and depth, but it can be a interesting option for small spaces and multipurposefor example for small apartments where the work space is the living room.

It is not the best option in terms of work area or ergonomics, but it has details such as a small storage shelf and clips to keep cables neat out of sight.



Another option low cost with a little more detail than the previous one is the MICKE (79 euros), with a pair of drawers and hole for cable management.

Easy to clean and very nestable anywhere thanks to its neutral design and dimensions, this 105 x 50 cm table is made of paper fibers with a plastic edge with steel legs. 3 years warranty.

One of the strengths of this family, in addition to its low price, is that you have extension modules, shelves and, if you need more space, a 142 x 50 cm (79 cm) version



We are going to one of the most affordable height-adjustable options, the THYGE structure (99 euros, currently out of stock and boards not available), 154 cm x 37 cm, to which you will have to attach a compatible board later. You can modify the height between 60 and 90 centimeters. Easy assembly, quality structure and 10 year guarantee.



With a neutral and linear style that make it so versatile that it can be used as a kitchen table as well as in the office, the TOMMARYD (149 euros) is a 130 x 70 cm high table with four legs and a reinforced structure. With melamine board, steel structure and 3-year warranty.



The BEKANT family is huge and in it you will find boards, structures, storage elements…their common link is good value for money and minimalist design.

The best-selling table is this (199 euros) with a rectangular shape and an area of ​​160 x 80 cm, which you will find in a few colors. However, there are also some with wings to gain some space.

As for its features, it is adjustable in height between 65-85 cm, with a practical melamine top, cable management net and with ANSI / BIFMA certifications. 10 year warranty.



The SKARSTA / TROTTEN (219 euros) is a simple table with adjustable height that will allow you to work both sitting and standing.

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Available in several sizes but only in stock, the 160 x 80 is an option of cheap height adjustable table, among other things, because this adjustment is carried out with a crank and its structure is basic. With a steel frame, paper-filled top with an easy-to-clean plastic edge.



IDÅSEN tables are a family of work tables with a professional vocation and fixed height options (219 euros) or adjustable (559 euros) available in various sizes and finishes. In this case, the two indicated options are 120 x 70 cm.

With two legs and one original structure that stands out for being robust On the back, these tables feature paper-filled ash veneer tops with plastic edging and a steel frame. With 10 years warranty.

A curious data: the height-adjustable option has two systems for this purpose, a practical button and an application to do it from your mobile.



The RODULF table (349 euros) can be purchased together or separately with a steel structure (259 euros) and a fiber and particle board (90 euros) filled with honeycomb paper with an easy-to-clean plastic edge.

This table stands out for its designstructure with two legs that is comfortable to avoid getting in the way and two feet for more stability, automated height adjustment mechanismquite respectable dimensions of 140 x 80 cm that provide a good work area. With 10 years warranty.



IKEA recently launched UPPSPEL, a line of gaming products with a most interesting table that you will find in the catalog of the Swedish firm, although it is not exactly cheap.

This UPPSPEL gaming desk (509 euros, sold out online) has a aggressive style and in black away from light tones and Nordic minimalism.

With adjustment of height via a convenient buttonits board is made of 140 x 80 cm fibers with rounded edges, a steel structure, cable management trays and a 3-year warranty.

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