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By “rescuing” New York from crime and unemployment, Hochul predicts she will be reelected to governor

As more Democrats continue to join the primaries to elect the ruling New York gubernatorial candidate, current state executive Kathy Hochul predicted yesterday that she will remain in office.

Technically Hochul has not been elected, since came to office last August as the resignation’s lieutenant governor Andrew Cuomo, becoming the first woman in history to lead the New York state government. Even so, 2022 would be his first individual electoral test.

In front of business leaders and sharing the scene with him Newly Elected NYC Mayor Eric Adams, Hochul declared that he will win the next Democratic primary in June 2022, yesterday during a breakfast in Midtown organized by the “Association for a Better New York” (ABNY).

“I see the big picture: I will win this primary,” proclaimed Hochul, who has spent much of his time in New York City since he replaced the resigning Cuomo three months ago, mired in various scandals.

Hochul mentioned yesterday the key priorities he would like to achieve, such as get workers back to their Manhattan offices, stimulate the economy, regain jobs, reduce homelessness and crime, He added that Adams will be a key connection in making those goals a reality when he takes office on January 1.

“I am looking forward to working with our incoming Mayor Eric Adams. People say, “Have you met the mayor already? I have worked with him for seven years! What do you think I did as Lieutenant Governor? I know these people! ”He gushed. I’ve been everywhere, and I know Eric Adams and we have shared values ​​and a vision to bring this city and this state to a much better place. “

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“As I said on Election Night, while on stage with Eric Adams: The era in which the Governor of the State of New York is fighting with the Mayor of New York City is over and instead we will roll up our sleeves and we will fight for the people, ”he said, referring to the constant fights between Cuomo and the outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio, even though they are both Democrats.

Hochul, originally from upstate Buffalo, faces what is expected to be difficult primary challenges of two Brooklynites: the state attorney general Letitia James and the public defender of the city, God Williams. De Blasio has also suggested that he will run for governor, despite his unpopularity as mayor. Whoever wins the Democratic primary will then face the Republican candidate on November 8, 2022.

“Adams would be a key ally for her in the coming year as she competes for sponsorships and Hochul could also give Adams bargaining power for city priorities in the state budget process,” he analyzed New York Post.

“We also want people to feel safe in the Metro, in the streets. I walk and I know that people have this fear and anxiety, a feeling that is not exactly how it was before the pandemic, “the governor added yesterday. “I will tell you, my friends, New York City has faced crime before, we’ve gotten over it“.

Hochul and Adams also met two weeks ago at the SOMOS political conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Other names that have been mentioned as possible contenders for the Democratic primary They are National Senator Kirsten Gillibrand; State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli; Suffolk (executive) leader Steve Bellone; Nassau (executive) leader Laura Curran; and State Senators Andrea Stewart Cousins, Michael Ginaris and Alessandra Biaggi.

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Obviously, the Republican Party will also present its options in the coming months. There have been mentioned as possible candidates Andrew Giuliani (son of the controversial former mayor Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s lawyer), Rob Astorino, Mike Carpinelli, Derrick Gibson, the national congressman Lee Zeldin, the billionaire John Catsimatidis, Joel Giambra, Marc Molinaro (defeated by Cuomo in 2018) and even former governor George Pataki himself, the last Republican to hold that position, after winning over veteran Democrat Mario Cuomo.

Born in Buffalo (NY) on August 27, 1958 to a lower middle class family, Hochul received her BA from Syracuse University and studied Law at the Catholic University of Washington DC. She describes herself as an “independent democrat.” Her husband, William J. Hochul Jr., He is also his fellow attorney and was a United States Attorney for the Western District of New York from 2010 to 2016.

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