Wednesday, November 30

Bye Week Blues: Week 10 Options

Welcome back, Tom Brady. Fantasy managers who had to endure the goodbye of GOAT Week 9 can take comfort in their return to action. But as we get closer to fantasy playoff time, Week 10 sees more key players out of action with a goodbye. Here’s what you need to know as you prepare for week 10:

Week 10 byes: Bears, Bengals, Texans, Giants

What you are missing

Bears: The bye week can be a blessing for Allen Robinson homeowners. The Bears wide receiver has been one of the most disappointing fantasy artists of the year. Managers with Robinson on their roster have been forced to start him for most of the season out of fear that the week they ban him will be the week he finally comes out. At least this week, you can bench him and know that he won’t do anything. RB David Montgomery just got back in action after being out with a knee injury, but it’s probably good that he has another week to recover.

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