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Cabify creates a signal “that shouldn’t exist”

Cabify’s technology that shouldn’t exist seeks to increase the safety of women drivers and passengers not only today, but every day.

Coinciding with the celebration of International Women’s Day, the mobility platform Cabify created a safe signal for women drivers and passengers.

They themselves affirm that it is a technology that they themselves define as “the technology that should not exist”. Hers is an initiative designed with the aim of valuing respect for the integrity of women in cities.

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‘Signal secret’ for female drivers and passengers of Cabify

Cabify’s initiative seeks to introduce a technology to make all users feel safe on their journeys.

The secret sign It is proposed with the aim of protecting partners and driving partners that they feel insecure during a service (a FreeMove report assures that seven out of 10 female taxi drivers have felt discriminated against). It is a tool that activates real-time security check protocols in order to deter any bad behavior of the passenger.

From the company they anticipate that the Cabify app also integrates other functionalities that meet the objective of ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers:

  • Emergency button: allows direct contact with Cabify or with the emergency services in case of need
  • Trusted contact: to automatically share all the trip information with a favorite contact from the passenger user’s phone book. It is not necessary for the trusted person to have the Cabify application installed or active, since text messages will be sent to their smartphone.
  • carpool: possibility of sharing the trip so that contacts know exactly where the passenger or driver is during the entire journey.
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“One of the values ​​that drives us at Cabify is to make cities safer places and, thusbetter to live”, explain sources of the platform.

“We are aware that there is still in many parts of the world the streets are unsafe for womenand with this campaign we want to make drivers and passengers aware of this situation”, declares Lara Hoya, Engineering Manager of Governance and Support at Cabify.

“At Cabify we reject violence and our investment in innovation to make people feel more protected is a priority for us; unfortunately we will continue to dedicate a lot of efforts to develop technology that should not exist, if we all lived in a more inclusive world,” Add.

This article was published in Autobild by Noelia López.

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