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Cacereño maintains his good line and the pulse of Córdoba

El Cacereño returned to activity after the postponement of his duel against Messenger in the best way, with a fair victory (3-1) against Antequera. Guided by the contribution of a great Solano, the Verdiblanco team knew how to overcome the stumbling block of the visitors’ goal on the verge of the holiday and resolve the stake in the second half. With 52 points, he is still the only one who gives some response to Córdoba, which he still has to receive at Príncipe Felipe, and resists pressure from Mérida, who thrashed San Fernando.

The local team started pressing high and was about to make a profit early on, in a robbery by Solano in which he failed to find Carlos Andújar with the pass of death. Orozco was providential. The action ended in a corner kick where the strategic work of Julio Cobos was seen, in a low pass to which José Ramón arrived unmarked, who finished up. However, that good start did not have continuity and Antequera, well planted and fierce in the tackles, which cost Orozco a yellow card after two strong tackles, balanced the game.

The duel was like this, even, when suddenly it opened. A loss by Ale Llamas in the three-quarter zone was taken advantage of by Solano to put in a beautiful filtered pass towards José Ramón, who solved it with a beautiful spoon to leave Iván Moreno with the cast. The goal completely changed the match and Cacereño began to carry a lot of danger on the counterattack. The same scorer José Ramón had another chance in a three against two with assistance from Jorge Barba, but Iván Moreno cleared.


Barnabas; Espinosa, Marvin (Carlos Daniel, min. 81), Josín, Luis Aguado: Yael (Luis Hernaiz, min. 77), Bermu (Javi López, min. 68); José Ramón, Jorge Barba, Carlos Andújar (Colau, min. 46); and Solano (Carlos Fernández, min. 77)


Ivan Moreno; Orozco, David Humanes, Mauro, Sergio Diaz; Javi López (Israel, min. 68), Nacho Pais (Crespo, min. 78), Mensah, Michael (Sergio García, min. 60); Svajunas (Narbonne, min. 78) and Ale Llamas (Hoyos, min. 68).

Antequera left spaces behind and the local attackers always ended up taking advantage. Sergio Díaz had to make another important cut and in another of those plays the ball ended up at the feet of Yael, who finished off over the crossbar.

After that phase of clear local dominance, Antequera was gradually gaining more presence and stepping more on the Cáceres field. And he didn’t need to over-generate to tie. If the first goal was a superb goal, the 1-1 was not far behind. In a skirmish on Javi López’s right hand, the ball ended up on the edge, from where Mensah sent a direct missile to Bernabé’s squad.

Cacereño didn’t have much time to react to that goal in the first half –just a shot from Yael at the hands of Iván Moreno–, but he soon unbalanced again in the second. Solano, again a key player, was quicker on a divided ball than Sergio Díaz, who knocked him down inside the box. Yael, with a corner shot from the left, did not miss from eleven meters.

Antequera tried to react to the blow, although it did not go beyond generating some arrival in strategic action, despite the entry of one of its stilettos, Sergio García, by Michael. El Cacereño kept the game under control and as soon as he could he made more blood. In the 65th minute, a great incursion down the right by José Ramón ended in a parallel pass for Solano to also find the reward of the goal for his good work throughout the match.

It was the moment of strategists and changes. Julio Cobos, who had already put Colau in at the beginning of the second half, placed Javi López in Bermu’s place, while Nacho Pérez pulled Israel and Hoyos to give more ‘punch’ to his attack front. The cast from Antequera tried it, with a dangerous cross from Sergio Díaz that did not find a finisher and a messy action in which Svajunas could not finish off from the ground.

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The contest got into the final quarter of an hour, for which Cobos refreshed the team with the entries of Carlos Fernández for Solano and Luis Hernaiz for Yael. Nacho Pérez exhausted his bullets pulling Crespo and Narbona to give more strength to the spinal cord, because Hoyos was left as the only offensive reference above. Precisely Crespo tried it as soon as he entered with a shot from the edge loaded with poison. More intention still had another shoe from Mensah, although this time the player on loan from the Dutch Utrecht the ball went up.

The Cacereño coach did not want any last-minute complications and used his last substitution to remove the booked Marvin and place Carlos Daniel in defense, although the feeling is that Antequera lacked conviction and football to change the course of events. Despite this, in the 86th minute, a good cross from the left by Sergio García gave Crespo the option of shooting from inside the area, who hit the air and missed the chance. A header from David Humanes was the visitors’ last attempt in an already decided game.

Julio Cobos: “We played a very complete match”

The Cacereño coach, Julio Cobos, was “very happy with the victory, which is the most important thing, but also with the way of winning” in his assessment after the match against Antequera. “We played a very complete game, generating many chances and winning the baseline many times. We scored three goals and they scored one of those against which you can’t do much, a perfect shot to the top corner », he synthesized.

Cobos believes that “the spark that had perhaps been lost in some previous games” was recovered, in a stake in which it was soon resolved in the second half after passing through the locker room: “The talk at halftime was simple, with the forced change due to Carlos’ discomfort in the ischium. He wanted to reinforce what was done well in the first half. When we caught the ball and linked passes we created danger and did damage, so I asked them to be confident and keep doing it.

For the coach, it was key to “keep looking up” without fear in the second half, to overcome an opponent he praised. «Antequera is a very good team, with good players. Lately we have teams with football that is not in accordance with their position. Mensah and Nacho Pais are two spectacular under-23s and Ale Llamas is on loan from Alcorcón with a tremendous future. They are talented youngsters and my team did well against them to come out stronger », he defended.

The coach of the Cáceres team wanted to leave another message to the environment: «I do not want winning to be taken as normal, when all the teams are playing a lot. You are seeing how hard it is for everyone to play games and I recognize their work for the players. What they are doing is not easy. Five consecutive victories had only been achieved by Córdoba.

The coach spoke about one of his most important players, José Ramón. “He is having a spectacular season, at a very high level, and we want him to continue like this. But Kamal is also doing it and we can already see that problems are beginning to appear. They are giving us a lot and that is why they play so many minutes, although the rest are also pressing, like Colau, who has had a hard time but is acclimatising. Yes, it is true that José Ramón is scoring goals and giving assists », he argued.

Precisely the coach stressed the need to “take maximum care” of the efforts of the players. “Sometimes injuries come and don’t warn, but we’re going to try to take care of that as much as possible. It is a day in which there are not many buts, except for those minutes after the goal in which the ball burned us a little », he concluded.

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