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Cáceres faces his fourth consecutive budget after the deadline or rejected

Yesterday, Cáceres celebrated four years, three months and 18 days since he approved his latest budgets in a timely manner. It was in 2017. On November 27, even with the PP in government, the accounts designed by the Consistory for the 2018 financial year went forward. The votes of Ciudadanos were then decisive, as are those of United We Can (UP) now. . Since then, almost 1,600 days, the city has not had an approved budget again without the beginning of the year in which it should be applied. Nor will it happen in this 2022.

The PSOE has found an unforeseen event. The wake-up call of your natural partner for breaches that you do not want to continue supporting and that begin to stir up your bases. “We have kept a low profile in the media, but so far.” It was what the spokeswoman, Consolación López, came to say on Thursday. It demands concrete advances in matters such as housing and mobility. Without the three votes of UP the accounts do not come out. The two parties continue negotiating and have been summoned for Monday.

If Podemos does not support, the sole vote of Teófilo Amores is insufficient. An approach to the also unassigned Alcántara and Díaz does not arrive either. The PP is the pure and hard opposition to a government that it considers exhausted from the first moment. Citizens remain and there have already been conversations, a first round. There is no agreement. And it doesn’t seem likely there will be.

The relationship “is cold and distant,” assumes its spokesman. Raquel Preciados is skeptical. «They prefer their favorite partners, Podemos and Amores. They are comfortable with that unconditional support.”

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The budget antecedents leave everything. In 2019, the PP believed they had done their homework on time. On October 25, 2018, the initiation of the regulatory participatory process was approved in a resolution of the Mayor’s Office. On December 20 of that year the accounts reached full. For the first time the popular were unable to carry out their project. “When one deceives his partner, the door to future negotiations is closed,” snapped the then leader of Cs, Cayetano Polo, to the still mayor, Elena Nevado. In 2019 the city was forced into an extended budget, a scenario that could now repeat itself.

election year

The difference is that that was an election year and 2022 is not. That Cs at the time decided to break with the PP to release ballast and feel freer in his criticism was part of the electoral logic. It’s weirder now, too soon. Especially since the UP councilors insist that this is not a bluff. They say they are serious.

«Nothing serious happens if Cáceres does not have a budget. Salaya himself spent many months governing with Elena Nevado’s budget,” UP mayor Ildefonso Calvo recalled recently. In the purple rows they recall that the central government also had to live with the accounts that Rajoy left.

In United We Can remember that Salaya himself already governed with the PP budget and the city moved forward

The Socialists opened their first participatory budget on December 3, 2019. They were going to the limit and it was confirmed because they failed to convene the plenary session of the accounts in the calendar year. They managed to approve their first budget on February 28 with UP, and Teófilo Amores, who months before had left Vox.

A year later, already in the midst of a pandemic, another delay. The process began on February 22. The plenary session still took three months. Again Amores and UP were the supports. An image that is now partially blurred. “We share the same city model but the commitments are not being put into practice,” said Consolación López Balset, local spokesperson for UP. There is no news, she regrets, about the housing stock, the municipal assistance office, the investment plan for neighborhoods… Nor is it fulfilled in terms of mobility. Conversations continue.

no gestures

Citizens, the possible plan b of the PSOE, does not seem motivated. “We have not seen any gesture from the government team. Another thing would be to carry out some investment that Ciudadanos has in its program, but it has not happened, ”explains Raquel Preciados.

The orange spokeswoman affirms that Cs feels “very far from the city project” of the Executive and its partners. A second meeting is missing, but today it is not likely that the three votes that Luis Salaya lacks will arrive on that flank. The mayor has already made it clear that he hopes to redirect the talks with UP.

An extension would not be recommended, according to the Government, since it does not allow the higher income that is expected to be collected via taxes (IBI and filming) to be released. Budget modifications are now unavoidable. In the best of cases, the city would not have its approved accounts until well into the second quarter of the year. In 2022, again after the deadline.

Cs, PSOE and Podemos knock down the PP accounts for 2019. The budget had to be extended. / today

The latest city budgets

2022. Participatory budget initiated by resolution of the Mayor’s Office on February 14. Still pending many procedures, including those to go through governing councils and plenary session. No agreement is in sight after the notice of United We Can to the Government team for its breaches of the pact. Ciudadanos, which would also add, is ruled out for now.

2021. The participatory budget was convened on February 22, with the year started. It was approved in full on May 25. It entered into force in June.

2020. It started on December 3, 2019. It did not reach plenary session until February 2020. It was approved with the year already started.

2019. The process began on October 25, 2018 (the PP governed). It was in plenary session on December 20 of that year. It was rejected after ceasing to support the Government of Elena Nevado Ciudadanos. The 2018 budget had to be extended. The PSOE began its mandate with the PP budget and continued it for many months.

2018 Convened on October 16, 2017. From October 18 to 31 were the proposals. Approved in full on November 27, 2017. Ciudadanos made it possible for the accounts to go ahead. Among the agreements were tax rebates.

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