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Cáceres Fair 2022: This is the atmosphere that you will find in its booths

Atmosphere in the booth ‘La Suite’ of the San Fernando Fair 2022. / George King

‘María Bonita-El 5º Pino’, ‘Capote’, ‘Mandala’, ‘La Suite’, ‘La Bola de Cristal’, ‘Ay Mamma Mía’, ‘La Mona de Málaga’, ‘Paradiso’ and ‘El Pantano’ are the private spaces installed in the fair, in addition to the municipal one that runs the Sala Panoramix

Laura Alcazar

Nine privately managed booths and two public ones, with food, music and dance, have opened this year at the San Fernando de Cáceres Fair 2022. Different spaces to enjoy in each of them their particular atmosphere. ‘María Bonita-El 5º Pino’, ‘Capote’, ‘Mandala’, ‘La Suite’, ‘La Bola de Cristal’, ‘Ay Mamma Mía’, ‘La Mona de Málaga’, ‘Paradiso’ and ‘El Pantano’ they are the private ones installed in the fair, in addition to the municipal one, managed by the Sala Panoramix.



Outside terrace

‘Capote’, directed by José Mostazo, takes the cake in surface area, 1,200 square meters distributed in different areas focused on dancing, meals, midday beers, the exclusivity of its reserved and chill out spaces and an outdoor terrace. All this wrapped in an Amazonian decoration.

This Wednesday a meal is offered in favor of the Divertea association and on Thursday, traditionally the day of business and friends lunches, it is expected to attract a large public from midday. In ‘Capote’ there will be no lack of pachangueo in the afternoon, with animators inviting people to go out on the dance floor to follow in the footsteps of the choreographies. Reggeton and commercial music will set the rhythm of the night and in the late hours everything will be done with house in this booth where all audiences have a place.



cocktail stand

George King

‘Mandala’ opens at the fair by the pharmacist and event promoter Carlos Gallego. The new stand, located in front of ‘Capote’ and next to ‘María Bonita-El 5º Pino’, offers meals every day with advance reservation through its Facebook account Caseta ‘Mandala’. The novelty: a closed cocktail-type menu that will be served standing up and that already has more than 300 reservations.

The idea is that the public go to the venue at noon to start the fair earlier, explains Gallego. They will play current songs and hits of the moment, without going overboard in reggaeton, for an audience of an average age of 35 years. There will be performances from this Wednesday afternoon and DJs.

‘The Cristal ball’


nostalgic for a time

George King

After 16 uninterrupted years, except for the last two, ‘La Bola de Cristal’ returns with the best songs of the 80s and 90s. In a space of 400 square meters, in its usual location, the Ball will play songs from Loquillo, The Last of the Row, Police, Alaska, Burning or Dire Straits, among other artists.

Promoter Pablo Pérez de Lazárraga and two other DJs will play rock and pop hits from two unique decades in an environment decorated by Miguel Gibello. Aimed at all audiences, ‘La Bola de Cristal’, which takes its name from the mythical television program of the 80s, will seduce those who are nostalgic for an era full of musical references. The booth opens from 4:00 p.m. and does not serve food.

‘Oh Mamma Mia’


All audiences and LGTBI

George King

The well-known businessman and DJ Coke Bermejo leads ‘Ay Mamma Mía’, bringing the fun of Nebbia, his Doctor Fleming venue, here. In 400 square meters, national and international pop references, songs from the 90s and 2000s, music divas and fun songs with touches of current hits will be played. The stand is aimed at all audiences and ages, especially the LGTBI group. “Our idea is to be a novelty this year and the funniest of the entire fair,” says its promoter. From noon at ‘Ay Mamma Mía’ you can enjoy an arranged menu.

They offer performances every day. For ‘Ay Mamma Mía’, Kelly Roller, DJ Dennis More, La osa que todo lo achieves, or drag queen Kika Lorace, among other artists, will perform.

‘The monkey’


Musical performances

George King

From the fairgrounds of Malaga, with 200 booths, to Cáceres, with only nine, the businessmen Nabil Montes and Paco Muriel arrive with ‘La Mona’. “They have the fair here on an altar, they have spoken very well to us about it and we embarked on doing something cool here,” says one of the partners.

In a space of 400 square meters located on the municipal street, they will play commercial music and will have musical performances, dance animation and DJs every day. Aimed at a middle-aged public, it does not serve meals, although catering can be arranged if desired. It opens from four in the afternoon until closing.

‘Maria Bonita-The Fifth Pine’


Macro booth

George King

‘María Bonita’ and ‘El 5º Pino’ join forces in San Fernando 2022 in a 1,000-square-meter macro-booth. With the atmosphere that characterizes them from noon (open at 1:00 p.m.), they offer arranged menus and food, serving typical fair rations such as fried ‘pescaíto’.

Current themes, Latin dances with animation groups are its forte and late at night music for a younger audience than the one that gathers in the afternoon, with an atmosphere for people over 25 years old, explains Alberto Gascón, one of the partners of this booth of reference in the Fair of Cáceres.



electronics lovers

George King

Fans of techno, house and electronic music will find themselves in their element at ‘Paradiso’, the only stand specialized in this genre directed this year by Ana María Sánchez del Amo. It opens Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11:00 p.m. until dawn and offers musical sessions with some of the most renowned DJs abroad such as Chaparro, Raúl Pacheco and Paula Cazenave, who will play at a great party on Friday night.

Panoramix Room


All public

George King

The pioneer Sala Panoramix is ​​in charge of managing the municipal booth, with music from the first day of the fair by Jesús Vaca, Rubén Pérez, Josete García and DJBatu & DJMara. On Wednesday, starting at four in the afternoon, Rubén Pérez, Josete García, DJ AL, DJBatu & DJMara and Madness Group will play.

On Thursday, rappers Juanka Shoul, Libra Loggia, Niñato Kabrón and Tandemonios will perform. On Friday, the Navaconcejo rock group ‘Escandallo’ will perform at 7:30 pm, and from 11:30 pm the singers Necker El Escritor and Diego Caballero will take the stage. On Saturday the party will start at 16.00 with DJ Twiins, Rubén Pérez and others.

the suite


Different styles

George King

‘La Suite’ is another of the stands that attracts the most public these days. With different styles for all tastes, such as booths, sofa areas and high tables, it opens from two in the afternoon and serves meals. In the early hours it brings together professionals, business groups and middle-aged friends attracted by the music of the moment, the hits of always and an entertainment team to keep up with the rhythm. At night, commercial themes entertain the youngest on the dance floor.

‘the swamp’


Snack in a good atmosphere

George King

The booth ‘El Pantano’ is a regular at the Fair of San Fernando de Cáceres. Located opposite the municipal, it serves the typical portions and classic fair dishes in an environment decorated for the occasion. All with party music encouraging family and friends faithful to the tradition of lunch or dinner at the fairgrounds as it has always been done.

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