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Cáceres will allocate 2.5 million to the purchase and reform of homes to facilitate rental for young people

Luis Salaya and Consuelo López, this Thursday at the City Council of Cáceres. / ARMANDO MENDEZ

The PSOE seals an agreement with United We Can to approve this year’s budget, which includes the free bus for children under 16 and the creation of the festival brand

Laura Alcazar

2.5 million euros is planned to allocate the City Council of Cáceres to the promotion of a park of public housing for rent. To do this, it will create a municipal office that will be in charge of buying and reforming the properties that will be offered mainly to young people, with the purpose of facilitating their access to rent at a more affordable price.

This is one of the proposals contemplated in the agreement between the PSOE and United We Can to guarantee the support of this group for the 2022 budget, which will be approved by adding the vote of the non-attached councilor Teófilo Amores.

The initiative was announced this Thursday by the mayor of the city, Luis Salaya, and the spokesperson for United We Can, Consuelo López, at a joint press conference in which they detailed the rest of the investments in the signed document, which is based on three areas: housing, mobility and culture.

In housing, the star measure is the announcement of the municipal housing office, designed to channel policies in this area and manage the stock of municipal housing aimed at youth. «They will be free to rent and what we want is that young people can access public rent even if they are not in a direct situation of social exclusion; They are not housing from a bag to assist a situation of social exclusion, “said Salaya.

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The office will be installed in a place to be determined and will be managed with its own funds and directly by the City Council itself. 1.5 million euros will be allocated to the purchase of the buildings, which will be distributed throughout the city, and the remaining million will be used to refurbish them.

«We believe that so that young people do not leave and can have a project for the future in this city, one of the things is to emancipate themselves. With rental prices that have risen in recent years, it is impossible for them, that is why we proposed a housing office to the government team, ”said López.

free bus

Regarding mobility, the urban bus will be free for children under 16 years of age from July to December 31 of this year. It is, as they explained, a temporary measure to support families, which also seeks to make adolescents aware of the benefits of traveling by public transport. It will in turn serve to prepare a study on its effectiveness and improve the use of the urban bus.

The free service these months will mean an increase in the contract with the concessionaire of 400,000 euros.

Mobility also includes a modification of the reform project of the Ronda de la Pizarra, in its first phase, to build a bike lane, as well as the execution of the pedestrian path that will connect Montesol with Paseo Alto. This last performance is budgeted at 210,000 euros.

The network of public toilets, with the installation of three self-washing cabins in different spaces and a cost of 150,000 euros, is another of the requests of United We Can since the beginning of the legislature.

mark festivals

On the other hand, the signed agreement implies the development of the festivals brand, which will have a specific budget item and will be governed by a specific municipal ordinance. This new seal will bring together only the most relevant cultural events that are held annually in the capital of Cáceres, not all the festivals.

As Salaya explained, 2022 will be a “year of transition” to create the brand image and call an ideas competition for the design of the logo. “We want to have a reference brand of festivals throughout the region,” stressed the mayor.

The projects of the partners of the Government of Salaya, among which is the creation of a network of school paths, will be executed from the surplus of the 2021 budget, of which they have not disclosed the figure.

The budget will include, on the other hand, the demands of the non-attached councilor Teófilo Amores, who requests a greater investment in Social Affairs, the digitization of the Municipal Historical Archive and the adaptation of the interior patios of the old cemetery.

Salaya is confident that this year’s accounts will be ready for full approval in the coming weeks. As she has indicated, at the moment the neighborhood projects of the participatory budgets are being valued economically.

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