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Cáceres will initiate a modification of the PGM to create more industrial land

The mayor, accompanied by his councillors, this morning after the press conference. / TODAY

Luis Salaya takes stock of his three years as mayor and affirms that he has never been pressured by the Provincial Council to withdraw the Cross of the Fallen

Maria Jose Torrejon

This morning the government team of the City Council of Cáceres, led by Luis Salaya, has looked in the rear-view mirror to take stock of his three years at the head of the local executive. Reviewing the achievements made, the mayor has advanced some of the pending challenges for him for next year. Within this chapter, the announcement of a participatory modification of the current PGM (General Municipal Plan) to provide the city with more industrial land stands out.

“We are going to work together with the Junta de Extremadura to start working on that historical deficit of industrial land that has condemned us on many occasions to lose projects that could have come to Cáceres and have not,” stressed the mayor, At the same time, he has indicated that with the CC Green project, the industrial land that the capital of Cáceres currently has available would be exhausted.

Regarding his summons to testify next Tuesday as a witness along with four other Cáceres mayors in the case of the crosses of the fallen to find out if they have received pressure from the Provincial Council to remove Francoist vestiges, Salaya has been blunt. “They have never pressured us to remove the Cross,” he has settled. The mayor did not want to go into details about the Cáceres monument and the plans that the City Council has. “It’s a very old topic,” he said. It must be remembered that the Consistory has been maintaining that it is not a priority issue.

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As priorities, it has set another nine objectives, which, together with the expansion of industrial land, will mark its roadmap for the coming months, with an eye toward 2023, the electoral year. Salaya wants his term to end with next year’s municipal budget approved. It must be remembered that the 2022 plan has not yet gone ahead, although it is expected to do so, with the support of United We Can and the non-attached councilor Teófilo Amores, this month. Regarding United We Can, Salaya has advanced that next week he will meet with this municipal group to address the new proposal for the underground mine.

«I am convinced that I will continue to be mayor for the next legislature»

Luis Salaya

Mayor of Caceres

Another of its challenges has to do, precisely, with the Valdeflores project. He wants to ensure “that the possibility of an open-pit mine is definitively settled,” he has said. And for this, he hopes that this guarantee will come with the withdrawal of the research permit requested by the company promoting the project before the Junta de Extremadura.

Create a municipal housing office and promote policies to combat problems of access to it; advance in the restriction of traffic in the old town and promote the free urban bus among those under 16 years of age; and the implementation of the second and third phases of rehabilitation of the wall are part of the objectives listed by Salaya.

Within the chapter on works, the interventions in the civic center of Santa Lucía and Cáceres el Viejo and those planned in the San Blas hostel stand out, in addition to the expansion of the cemetery, among other actions.

Tourism and unemployment

Regarding his three years in government, Salaya has said that it has been a “particularly tough and complex legislature”, referring to the effects of the pandemic. In this sense, he has indicated that during this 2022, at last, they have been able to manage events such as the descent of the Virgin of the Mountain, the San Jorge parade or the San Fernando Fair.

The mayor has stuck out his chest with the unemployment data, the tourism data and the funds obtained for the city. “We are the city of Extremadura that has managed to capture the most and best funds,” Salaya has indicated, referring to the money obtained for the Maltravieso neocave, the recovery of the wall or the bike lane to the Capellanías polygon. In this sense, he has advanced that the City Council is pending the granting of 2,363,033 euros for the environmental recovery of Ribera del Marco and 1.2 million to rehabilitate the Dehesa de los Caballos market.

Salaya has appeared accompanied by his councillors. “I am convinced that I will continue to be mayor for the next legislature,” he concluded.

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