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Cádiz hosts the ILCA 7 Spanish Cup from Friday




The ILCA class (before Laser) is the protagonist in recent weeks with the achievement of regional and national tests. If a week ago the ILCA 6 Spanish Championship (previously Radial Laser) was held in the waters of Murcia, while in the waters of the bay of Cadiz it was the ILCA 4 (before Laser 4.7) and 7 (before Standard Laser) who disputed the cup autonomic, this coming weekend the three fleets will be on the move again, with the celebration of the ILCA 7 Spanish Cup and the ILCA 6 Andalusian Cup in the waters of the Cadiz bay under the organization of the Andalusian Sailing Federation , and the ILCA 4 Spanish Championship with Andalusian representation in the waters of San Sebastian.

On the other hand, the Windsurf Techno, iQFoil and Raceboard classes will also be protagonists in Cadiz waters joining the ILCA fleets in search of their regional cups, in a call organized by the CN Puerto Sherry and the Andalusian Sailing Federation. The first to start will be the ILCA 7 Spanish Cup, which will do so on Friday, May 7, with three days of testing, and on Saturday the ILCA 6 and Windsurf fleets will begin to compete.

They aspire to the national title of ILCA 7, sailors from the Andalusian territory and also from the Balearic, Canary Islands, Galician, Catalan and Valencian community, adding more than twenty sailors and among them, the maximum exponents of the class. The Canarian Joel Rodríguez, who won the place for Spain a few days ago for the Olympic Games. from Tokyo where he will be the representative, heads a list of favorites that includes more than a dozen sailors who occupy a place among the twenty best in the national ranking, two of them together with the Canary Islands within the top10, in the case of the Balearic Islands Pere Mesquida and Carlos Roselló.

In addition, there will be the Balearic Mario Plomer, Josep Cazador and Pau Ramis, the Galician Roberto Bermúdez de Castro or the patron of the Valencian community Gonzalo Suarez, among others. At home, Guillermo Flores, champion of Spain in 2019, competes in top form after winning the regional cup a week ago unbeaten throughout the six tests that were contested. In this case, the CN Río Piedra sailor will face the best national rivals against whom he will try to assert a better knowledge of the environment.

At stake the absolute titles, Sub 21 and Master with three days to try to get them, between Friday 7 and Sunday 9, with a maximum of nine tests in the program. A few hours before the start, the weather forecast announces a calm, sunny first day with light winds.

As for the ILCA 6 regional cup, athletes from clubs in Cádiz, Huelva, Malaga and Seville aspire to it. Two days of regattas are scheduled for them, Saturday and Sunday, and a maximum of six races. They are planned for the disciplines of Windsurf, Techno, Raceboard and iQFoil classes, which bring together more than fifty sailors from clubs in Cádiz, Seville and Malaga, and among them the most representative such as Aurelio Terry from CN Sevilla, the brothers Pilar and Fernando Lamadrid together with veterans María Antonia Domínguez and Paco Manchón from CN Puerto Sherry or Jaime Andrés from CV Valdelagrana, and the best promises distributed in the Techno disciplines.

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