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CaixaForum’s most ambitious post-pandemic season: Magritte, Gaultier, tattoos and comics


In the 2021-2022 academic year, the CaixaForum centers throughout Spain will host 40 exhibitions, with international claims and major alliances with the British Museum, the Cinmathque Franaise or El Prado

A work by Magritte, one of the great bets of the Thyssen and CaixaForum season.
A work by Magritte, one of the great bets of the Thyssen and CaixaForum season.
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  • 2020 season

Fashion and design Jean paul Gaultier, the surrealism of Magritte, tattoos as an ancestral art form, six mummies from Ancient Egypt from the British Museum, a mammoth discovered in Siberia … The CaixaForum art centers face one of their most ambitious seasons, the first post-pandemic that comes very close to the old normality: 31 exhibitions (15 of them are premieres) in the eight centers distributed throughout Spain and nine itinerant exhibitions in 69 cities with great claims of the historical avant-garde, archeology, contemporary art and science. In total, 40 exhibitions that are endorsed by strategic alliances with leading museums such as the Pompidou or the Prado.

After the horribilis 2020, the CaixaForum programming is recomposed. And it goes to more. “Month by month we are recovering the level of visits despite capacity restrictions. A year ago we suffered a 70% decrease in visitors. From the first day we could, on June 1, we already opened all the centers. In the end, In the last quarter, we registered 40% fewer visitors. This August it was 30% “, admits the deputy general director of the Fundaci la Caixa, Elisa duran. There are figures that already point towards optimism: “If you look at CaixaForum Barcelona, ​​10% more people have come this August than in August 2019, before the pandemic. a new visitor profile: the local cultural tourist that due to the difficulty of traveling, he consumes in his own city, and that accounts for 12% of visits “, Duran points out.

This season, Madrid will have a special weight and premiere four of the most attractive exhibitions. After closing the exhibition dedicated to video games, Man playing (to follow in Barcelona), in December the CaixaForum on the Paseo del Prado will inaugurate Tattoo. Art under the skin in collaboration with the Parisian museum Quay Branly. In the midst of the tattoo phenomenon boom (it is estimated that 15% of the population is tattooed, a percentage that doubles among young people between 18 and 35 years of age), CaixaForum delves into its ancestral origins from a symbolic and anthropological perspective, explaining its meaning in different cultures, from Tahit to the Templars.

After the tattoos, in February 2022 it is Cinema and fashion. By Jean Paul Gaultier next to the Cinmathque Franaise. This is a double exhibition, with an author’s eye: Gaultier has been invited to project his own vision of the links between fashion and cinema from the Cinmathque collections. Gaultier tells of cinema and fashion from dresses, outfits and haute couture pieces, fashion accessories, drawings, movie posters, shooting photographs, reconstructions of sets and film extracts … This exhibition puts in check the traditional male and female archetypes, their creation , and the particular Gaultier touch, with a guide to the heterodox figures of male and female warriors, androgynous and transvestite, to the influence of rock, punk and queer culture …

Fashion, video games, tattoos and comics … CaixaForum will continue with its desire to get closer to the most popular culture with the most complete exhibition dedicated to the world of ninth art: Cmic, than to arrive in the capital in spring. The sample vindicate the comic as a powerful tool for reflection and a means of creating parallel realities, imaginary worlds, utopia and dystopas.

Barcelona being surreal with Magritte. In February 2022, La mquina Magritte, that comes directly from the Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza, present 70 paintings by the most enigmatic artist of surrealism along with a selection of family photos and films. The works come from more than 50 museums and collections in Europe, Canada, Mexico, China, the United States and Japan.

In the archaeological section, highlights Mummies of Ancient Egypt (but we will have to wait for next summer), an almost detective exhibition that investigates the identity of six mummies: two priests, a Theban woman, an official from Thebes, a child and a young Egyptian from the Greco-Roman period.

As for science, CosmoCaixa Barcelona will delve into the life of Nikola Tesla, with an exhibition dedicated to the genius of modern electricity, and will get closer to the secrets of the Sun with the collaboration of the Science Museum in London. CaixaForum Sevilla will premiere an exhibition on mammoths, which appeared on earth some five million years ago, and will review the time of the glaciations and the causes of the extinction of these mammals, of which only one family remains today: the elephants.

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