Thursday, April 18

California woman out of jail on bail

Sherri Papini, the California woman accused of faking her own kidnapping while she spent 22 days with an ex-boyfriend in Southern California, appeared in federal court via Zoom on Tuesday and was ordered to be released from Sacramento County Jail and comply with several restrictions.

Papini was immediately released on a $120,000 bond.

During the proceeding, both the prosecution and defense lawyers described the circumstances of Papini’s arrest on March 3.

After surveillance of her home, officials followed Papini when she took her children to a music lesson, prosecutor Veronica Alegría said. To separate Papini from her children de ella and any potential firearm, Alegría said, a “ruse” was created — Papini was told there was an accident involving her car de ella.

PREVIOUSLY:California woman captured headlines in 2016 with a sensational kidnapping tale. New charges say she made it up.

Sherri Papini

When she came outside the building, a waiting FBI agent told her she was under arrest.

“She screamed ‘no,’ and turned and ran,” Alegria said.

Papini was not able to get far before the agent arrested her, Alegría said. “But she did resist” and she was running away from the officer, said Alegría.

As the agent was trying to arrest her, Papini also threw her phone about 20 feet, according to Alegría.

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