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Calvo does not rule out approving the pardons the first week of July “or earlier”

The Vice President of the Government, Carmen Calvo.

The Vice President of the Government, Carmen Calvo.

The first vice president of the Government, Carmen Calvo, insisted this Tuesday that the pardons to the pardons for independence leaders imprisoned for 1-O “are close” and he has not ruled out that the Council of Ministers may approve them the first week of July “or earlier.”

In an interview on Canal Sur Radio, collected by Europa Press, Calvo assured that the pardons “are close because the Ministry of Justice is finishing the files that are, as everyone knows, individualized, as it cannot be otherwise and they are finishing all that work. “

“When we say, and I have said it myself, that they are close, it is because next week or the next, in not much more than two or three weeks they have to be finished “, explained the vice president, who has defended that these deadlines do not differ from the processing of any other pardon.

“This is how all pardons go, I understand that they have a very important political relevance and no one can take it away. Neither do I, of course. But they are still administrative procedures all the same, individualized files that are very rigorous, “he stressed.

“End higher than profit”

In this sense, he stressed that “If a person is pardoned in our country, it is because there is the right to ask to be pardoned as in all democracies in the world.” and consequently the situation of the prisoners for the ‘procés’ “is still a normal situation” in which “it is necessary to see very well what has happened, for what reasons the Government decides that part of the sentence is no longer valid. it fulfills and all that must be looked at very well, because it pursues a greater end than the personal benefit of the person who is going to be pardoned. ”

In his opinion, in any pardon “there is a benefit that is for everyone above the specific person always, even for an anonymous person with a conviction of what we can say the Penal Code that works every day, like theft or any type of crime, there is something superior to you that is being sought with the pardon.

“In that sense, they are still normal and current pardons in which all the reports that must be collected later require some time to finish them, but in that sense they do not make any more difference. That is why I say soon, because the Minister of Justice He was in my office no more than eight days ago and he told me that they were already profiling them all and that I already knew when I could bring them to the agenda “, has added.

Asked if the Council of Ministers can approve them the first week of July, Calvo has indicated that “there or sooner, the sooner we finish them the better, because this is a debate in which the Government is making a firm, harmonious bet and looking to the future of a Spain that is with Catalonia and of a Catalonia that has to begin to raise ten very frustrating years for the Catalans where Catalonia has lost much more “.

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