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Cambuur vs Ajax: Live Score Updates (2-2) | 03/11/2022

3:37 PM2 minutes ago


Gooooool for Cambuur ties the score

3:33 PM7 minutes ago


Cambuur comes close to tying the score, puts pressure on the Ajax defense.

3:28 PM11 minutes ago


The pace of the match increases, both teams are fighting for the goal.

3:23 PM16 minutes ago


Cambuur is also pushing to tie this match.

3:18 PM21 minutes ago


Ajax continues to press hard and wants to increase its lead even further.

3:12 PM27 minutes ago


After the goal Ajax again controls the game with possession.

3:06 PM34 minutes ago


Gooooool Cambuur, the home team gets on the scoreboard quickly.

3:03 PM36 minutes ago


Second part starts

2:47 PMan hour ago


First half ends Cambuur 0-2 Ajax.

2:44 PMan hour ago


Will be added 2 minutes

2:39 PMan hour ago


Goooooooool for Ajax to score the second goal and increase the score.

2:38 PMan hour ago


In the final minutes of the first half, Ajax will be looking to increase their lead before the break.

2:34 PMan hour ago


The pace of the game slows down a bit, Ajax continues to dominate in this first half.

2:28 PMan hour ago


The game intensifies, the fight for the ball is fierce and many fouls are committed in the match.

2:19 PMan hour ago


Once again Ajax controls the game, Cambuur starts to fall into despair, constantly committing fouls.

2:14 PMan hour ago


Little by little, Cambuur tries to generate dangerous plays but they do not find clarity in the last zone.

2:08 PM2 hours ago


The pressure continues as the visitors look to increase their lead on the scoreboard.

2:04 PM2 hours ago


Gooooool Ajax opens the scoring quickly.

2:01 PM2 hours ago


The match kicks off and Ajax takes possession of the ball in the first few minutes.

1:59 PM2 hours ago


The match kicks off Cambuur and Ajax meet in Eredivise

1:52 PM2 hours ago

All ready

Everything ready for the start of the match, the two teams about to leave the locker room for the start of the match.

1:40 PM2 hours ago

Already warming up

The two teams are warming up minutes before the start of the match, and they begin to warm up.

1:25 PM2 hours ago


Gradually the fans of both teams are present to witness this matchday 37 of the Eredivise between Cambuur and Ajax.

1:20 PM2 hours ago


Cambuur will be without Maxim Gullit and Sonny Stevens and Ajax will be without Lisandro Martinez, goalkeeper Remko Pasveer and defender Sean Klaiber. 

1:10 PM2 hours ago


The central referee will be Allard Lindhout.

1:05 PM3 hours ago

Stay tuned to follow Cambuur vs Ajax live.

In a few moments we will share with you the starting lineups for Cambuur vs Ajax live, as well as the latest information on the match from the Cambuur Stadium.

1:00 PM3 hours ago

Where and how to watch Cambuur vs Ajax online and live.

12:55 PM3 hours ago


The record leans to Ajax with a record of 8 matches played, 6 wins for Ajax, 1 draw and 1 win only for Cambuur, so the Ajax team will be the favorite.

12:35 PM3 hours ago

Latest Cambuur lineup:

12:30 PM3 hours ago

Ajax: To keep the lead

Ajax is the overall leader with 60 points and a record of 25 games played, 19 wins, 3 draws and 3 defeats, but PSV is only 2 points behind them, so a win against Cambuur will assure them the leadership for another week, that’s why this match is so important.

12:25 PM3 hours ago

Cambuur: Partido complicado con todo que ganar y nada que perder.

Cambuur is currently in 8th position with 33 points and a record of 25 games played, 10 wins, 3 draws and 12 defeats. It will be a complicated game for Cambuur as they will face the first place in the general table, a team that always competes in tournaments such as Champions and Europa League, but they will have everything to win and nothing to lose.

12:20 PM3 hours ago

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