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Camila Cabello manages her social networks again and reveals that her mother was the one in charge

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – AUGUST 06: Camila Cabello attends Variety’s Power of Young Hollywood at The H Club Los Angeles on August 06, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)

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It has not been more than a few years since Camila Cabello reveal that his mother was personally in charge of managing your presence on social media, especially to block any disrespectful and hurtful comments that the singer and young pop star used to receive during her time in the now-defunct Fifth Harmony quintet, as well as to properly promote the news of her musical career. Now, Camila Cabello has made it clear that she manages her social networks again after the torment she lived in them reading comments that made her feel really bad.

Since then, Camila Cabello made it clear that in his relationship with social networks they were handled with prudence and a point of distrust, since he only used them to strengthen the close relationship he maintains with his fan base, who he has always had very well informed of his next steps in the industry and with whom he shares all kinds of images and videos related to his most anticipated projects, he did this through his mother, who was in charge to check everything before, but now Camila Cabello has returned to handle the same.

However, when it comes to fully opening your heart or at least a window to your innermost realm, Camila Cabello it remains quite hermetic on social media in order to avoid public overexposure which, as many other artists know, can end up being mentally and emotionally saturating. On the other hand, the brand new girlfriend of fellow singer Shawn Mendes has learned over time that social networks They can also play a very positive role if used well, where appropriate to raise awareness of the importance of certain political, social and even environmental causes.

“I need to take breaks from social networks. Just yesterday I said to myself: ‘I can’t handle it today.’ The truth is that I feel that my brain goes very fast when I am with them and it is exhausting. On the other hand, I understand that artists, especially women of pop, feel that they must cultivate them frequently to avoid having others control their narrative. I think that social networks they can be very positive if they focus well. For example, if I post a photo of my body and say: ‘I have cellulite, stretch marks and I gain weight from time to time, which is normal’… These types of messages can be very liberating ”, he reflected. Camila Cabello on his way through the television program ‘Lorraine’, on the British network ITV.

So, Camila Cabello despite having lived bad times with criticism in the past on social networks Now she is much more mature and her mother will no longer be in charge of them but the singer herself, who from now on resumed the management of them.

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