Sunday, December 3

Camila considers herself an “old bat”

More popular than ever, the Duchess of Cornwall celebrates her 75th birthday by laughing at herself

If Diana was called the people’s princess, Camila could be considered a people’s duchess. Her kingdom is of this world, but of the country world. The second wife of Charles of England has found her true essence in the rural setting, just as Diana found her in a disconcerting mix of catwalks and mined territories. More than countryside, Camila’s is countryside, a stylized farm where there are no tractors or cow dung, just charming ‘cottages’ with colorful gardens where you can have tea. In that bucolic setting she celebrated her 75th birthday yesterday and the culmination of her personal crusade to get the press, and the British people in general, into her pocket. Something that, according to the polls, she seems to have achieved.

It holds the saying that from love to hate there is only one step. In the opposite sense, however, it could be affirmed that from hate to love there is an abyss. But Camila, the most hated woman in the United Kingdom for having been the lover who caused the separation of Carlos and Diana (the bull that killed Manolete in the British version) has managed to get around it. Yesterday she celebrated three quarters of a century with skyrocketing popularity and after a week dedicated to promoting her person through social events and a careful strategy when granting interviews.

It’s hard to dislike someone who can laugh at herself to the point of calling herself an “old bat.” And this is how Camila introduced herself while she shook hands with photographer Jamie Hawkesworth, from the British edition of ‘Vogue’. “Excuse me, this morning you have to photograph an old bat,” she told him, laughing. She then gave him another priceless confession: “I had gel nails, but I lost them all yesterday doing the garden.” Self-irony seems to be among the strengths of the Duchess of Cornwall. A certain degree of cunning, too. Especially when making her self-portrait, that of a plain and simple woman, completely oblivious to sophistication and coquetry… Could there be a more opposite profile to that of Lady Di?

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Grandmother of five grandchildren

Slowly but surely, Camila has managed to transform her image as an unscrupulous woman into that of an inoffensive grandmother of five grandchildren who grows delicious peaches, and has carved a niche for herself in the hearts of the British and her tough family. husband. If at first they welcomed her with suspicion, the Cornish woman could now tattoo herself ‘Mother-in-law’s love’ without fear of being wrong. Hers, none other than Elizabeth II of England, has just given her the definitive accolade by publicly requesting that she be called ‘queen consort’ when her son Carlos arrives (if that ever happens) finally to the throne

The signs of affection towards Camila Parker by the entire British royal house multiplied yesterday on the networks. Her stepson, Guillermo, along with her wife Kate, wished her a “very happy 75th birthday” with a photo in which Camila appears in a lavender dress walking through the countryside. She thanked all that tsunami of affection with a short text and an endearing photo in which she poses embracing a very loved one… And, being someone ‘100% British’, of course it is not her husband but her pet, a rescue dog named Beth to whom the Duchess has even lent some of her pearl necklaces.

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