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Can you carry a gun in the United States?

  • The US is one of the few industrialized countries where legal gun ownership is widespread.

The mass shooting that has ended with the death of 19 children and two adults in the town of Uvalde in Texas has reopened the debate on regulation of weapons in the US

The US President Joe Biden. He has appeared immediately after the shooting to press again on the need to regulate weapons in the country.

However the Texas Governor Greg Abbottwho has also lamented the massacre, is one of America’s leading gun advocatesand in fact has been the promoter of laws that facilitate citizens’ access to them.

The United States is one of the few industrialized countries where legal gun ownership is widespread. The Charter of Rights or Bill of Rights, specifically the second of the Ten Amendments to the Constitution that make it up, contemplates it and reads the following: “Since a well-ordered militia is necessary for the security of a free State, the right of the people to possess and bear arms shall not be violated.”

A Texas law that allows residents carry weapons in public without a license. Any person over 21 years of age, who has not been declared incapacitated to do so, has the right to carry a firearm in public no need for youhave to previously carry out a safety course or no background checkas the regulations previously marked in Texas.

The law, known by the number 1927, and promoted by the Republican Abbot, also allows those previously convicted of improperly carrying a firearm in public can have the conviction expunged of your registration.

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The legislation only requires the Texas Department of Public Safety to immediately offer a free, online gun safety course, although in no case will it be mandatory.

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Texas already allowed its citizens before 2021 to carry rifles in public without a license, but not handguns or other weapons.

Texas isn’t the only state in the United States that allows guns to be carried with virtually no restrictions. Other states like Alaska, Idaho, Iowa, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Utah, and Vermontt, have legislation similar to the texana.

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