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Can you do more with this template? Former Barça players offer their opinion


“Barça has a good squad but you have to be realistic: there are a lot of young people and very good players but to be able to face the League, the Champions League, the Cup I think we are far from having the team that we have had with Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, etc. We are here at a very difficult time for the club in the economic, social and sporting terms and I believe that the team needs time to achieve its objectives: fight for all the titles. The member must bear in mind that it is a team under construction that will need two or three seasons to be able to fight for the titles. “


“Being aware that there is a weakened squad, all that phrase of: ‘is what there is’, tomorrow or the day after it may be different. It is conditioned by many casualties, especially in attack; I still think that if Dembele and Ansu return well, I will not It would be strange if Barça ends up fighting for the League. The footballer depends a lot on the state of mind. Barça has to play better and command. “


“The team has intelligent and experienced players who will surely put their minds to the situation and come out ahead. This has just begun, it is not so dramatic. There is a lot of league left, the Champions League is coming … There is still a lot to compete. It can be overcome. I do not think that the improvement implies a change of coach. You have to be patient. He is a coach who did very well last season. In the world of football there is a lack of patience and quickly, when there are no results, the coaches are not wait. Hopefully this process will pass soon and the wheel begins. When you win two or three games, you gain confidence and everything goes better “,

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“The problem is that the previous Tuesday Barça played something that they did not touch on a defensive level and on Monday they did it on an offensive level. The players are not used to doing what they did on Tuesday against Bayern or what they did against the Granada ”.


“Barça is in a very difficult time. The most important thing is to be calm. We have to analyze what is not going well. The team has casualties and new players with whom we have to be patient. And I think Koeman should continue, He’s been a very short time, he’s a very good coach, he has a Barca heart and I’m sure he will succeed. He would like to play 4-3-3, but he thinks it’s not possible right now. When games are lost at the big clubs, the criticism is also great. It is the life of the coach and you have to accept. In any case, I think that Ronald Koeman is being disrespected at times. I hope the president has peace of mind and we will see what happens. ”


“Barça have to take a step forward and change a lot of things. Perhaps Messi’s game was given a lot of importance, now he has to change and play with a more solid team mentality. Koeman has work, has important casualties and in attack he is costing. It is positive that young players are taking a step forward. What a club like Barça cannot do is change every two for three. Koeman has been on the bench for a short time. It is true, however, a big club like Barça works to short term. The competition has already started and in the end the results are what rule. “

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“After seeing so many criticisms, my support for Ronald. Totally unbalanced and poorly planned squad. Neither is defined to have the ball or to play against. We have important injuries (Kun Agüero, Dembélé, Ansu Fati) that recovered will make it very different. Be you, Ronald. “

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