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Canadian police make plea as Ambassador Bridge traffic nightmare continues: LIVE UPDATES

Liberal Party lawmaker breaks ranks with Trudeau, scolds his response to coronavirus, protests

In a speech to Canadian
parliament Tuesday, Joël Lightbound, a Liberal lawmaker from Quebec and member of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s political party, took swipes at the PM for his government’s current handling of the coronavirus pandemic and Ottawa trucker protests.

“I’ve heard from people worried that those making the decisions seem at times to have been blind to the fact that we’re not all equal for lockdowns that not everyone can earn a living on a Macbook at the cottage,” Lightbound said in an apparent reference to Rideau College in Ottawa, where Trudeau lives.

“I think it’s time to stop dividing Canadians, to stop pitting one part of the population against another,” he added, a day after Trudeau described the protesters occupying Ottawa as “a few people shouting and waving swastikas.”

Lightbound, according to a translation of his speech by the National Post, said he wanted the protesters to leave Ottawa — but also indicated that the Canadian government led by Trudeau should provide a “roadmap” as to when current coronavirus restrictions in Canada could end.

The Liberal lawmaker said Canadians are becoming “confused when they see countries around the world like Ireland, Sweden, Norway, the Czech Republic, Brazil, Denmark, Spain and the U.K., who have either dropped almost all restrictions or fast moving in that direction. All countries, I note, with lower vaccination rates than us.

“Now while folks are hearing and seeing all of this, they’re left rightfully wondering, ‘where the hell are we heading here in Canada?’” Lightbound asked.

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Canadian truckers say they feel vilified by Prime Minister Trudeau

OTTAWA, Ontario – Canadian truckers feel vilified by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s portrayal of them, they told Fox News.

“I think it’s disgusting for any leader of a country to vilify people for exercising their democratic rights, their right to protest, the right to demonstrate peacefully,” one trucker, Andy Wing, told Fox News.

Canadian truckers have been protesting in Ottawa for nearly two weeks, calling for an end to the government’s vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers. Trudeau on Monday demanded the protests stop on Monday, a day after Ottawa’s mayor declared a state of emergency.

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Canadian police make plea as Ambassador Bridge traffic nightmare continues

Police in Windsor, Ontario have posted a plea to social media Wednesday as protesters continue to block traffic along the Ambassador Bridge connecting Detroit and Canada.

“We encourage the organizers of the demonstration to maintain an open communication with @WindsorPolice personnel using reasoned and tempered approach to come to a peaceful resolution,” Windsor Police said.

Last night, police said demonstrators occupying a road leading up to the busy crossing “have interrupted normal vehicle traffic flow but we have been able to continue a limited amount of access to the Ambassador Bridge”.

However, real-time traffic data on Google Maps Wednesday showed that the Canadian-bound side of the bridge remains closed while numerous streets in Windsor have been completely shut down.

The Michigan Department of Transportation is urging travelers to use the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron instead, which is about an hour’s drive north from Detroit. However, Google Maps is indicating severe traffic delays on the American side of that bridge Wednesday morning.

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Great-grandfather who honked in support of truckers aggressively arrested by police, family claims

The family of a Canadian great-grandfather who was stopped for “unnecessary noise” in Ottawa because he honked his horn in support of protesting truckers say a police officer who arrested him was overly aggressive Sunday, according to reports. 

“I meant no harm,” Gerry Charlebois, who is 78, told the Toronto Sun. “I just gave the trucker a thumbs-up and a honk. I’m so sore. It hurts so much.” 

Video of the incident appears to show an officer grabbing Charlebois’ arm and pushing him against his van to handcuff him. Charlebois appears to be resisting at times, according to the video. At one point he gets partially down on the ground but it’s unclear if the officer pushed him or if he lost his balance. He was then taken away in handcuffs by two officers. 

“ATTENTION DEMONSTRATORS: @OttawaPolice will enforce an order prohibiting anyone from using air horns or train horns for any street north of Hwy 417 until February 16th, 2022 or any other date set by the Court,” the Ottawa Police tweeted this week. 

Charlebois didn’t face criminal charges but was given a $118 bylaw ticket for “unnecessary noise,” the Sun reported. 

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GiveSendGo donations for truckers top $7.3 million

Canadian provinces begin backing off vaccine mandates amid lingering Freedom Convoy protests

Some Canadian provinces announced they are rescinding their vaccine mandates as protesting Canadian truckers continue to block major arteries on the Canada-U.S. border and clog the Canadian capital despite a crackdown from the Ottawa Police.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announced during a Tuesday evening press briefing that the province’s vaccine passport program would end effective midnight, and that most of the province’s health rules would be over within three weeks.

“Our approach to COVID must change as the disease changes,” Kenney said. “The restriction exemption program has served its useful purpose. It has done its job.”

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Canadian truckers shut down busiest border crossing in North America

The busiest border crossing in North America was shut down as the Canadian truckers protesting their country’s vaccine mandates made it to the Detroit-Windsor border, causing traffic on the highway to Detroit. 

“It doesn’t make sense as they shouldn’t be blocking the borders or the roads,” Canadian truck driver Nav Aulch told Click on Detroit. 

Traffic began building on I-75 and the Ambassador Bridge around 3 p.m. Monday. Detroit officials said the Ambassador Bridge was closed at about 8 p.m., leaving thousands of truckers left stranded on Detroit roads, according to Fox 2 Detroit. – Emma Colton

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