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Candela Peña returns to Movistar + with ‘Hierro’: “I am not going to kill Judge Montes”

Candela Peña, in the series 'Hierro'.

Candela Peña, in the series ‘Hierro’.

Candela Peña returns to enter ‘Hierro’. The actress returns to give life to Judge Montes in a second season of the Movistar + series in which she will continue to be determined to solve the drug trafficking case that involves businessman Díaz, among other cases such as an unpleasant family conflict that will affect the magistrate more than anyone in her career. YOTELE talks with Candela Peña about the new episodes of ‘Hierro’ on Movistar +.

What are we going to see in this second season of ‘Hierro’?

You are going to see a seasonal glory. There will be everything that caught the public in the first season. On my part, you will also see Judge Candela Montes devastated after what happened with Reyes Baute in the first season and because Morata has taken a vacation at a time when she needed him a lot. She is faced with an important mess because, in addition, she has important things with Díaz because she left him information that is not going to leave him on deaf ears. He is not your friend, since he is a person who told you about drug trafficking, and in that he is going to dedicate his time. They are also going to find a sadder and lonely woman, but who is not going to leave anything out of the law.

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According to the press release, someone hires a hit man to kill Díaz. Will there be less tension in his relationship between the judge and him after this episode?

There will be tensions because Candela has pending accounts with him before the hit man wanted to kill him. A judge from a small place is not going to drop a drug trafficking case. That has to be solved and that’s where it is. As the season starts, I am already in talks with Díaz and then everything that will come in these new chapters comes as an addition.

Has Candela managed to adapt to the island?

Perfectly. He has adapted so well to that place that it makes him consider many things related to the subject of his child’s illness in this second season. She sees her son happy with her two friends and does not know if it pays more for her to be in a happier place like El Hierro or in another place with a better medical system because the island’s hospital is small and there are things complex by which you are transferred by helicopter to other islands. For example, there you can take an X-ray, but the soft tissues cannot see it.

In addition to Diaz’s plot, the judge will also take the case of the custody of the daughters of a separated marriage. Will it be a major problem for Candela?

No. The judge is in court and she will have to decide. The only thing that makes the judge think is that she knows those girls because they are the nieces of the person who takes care of my son, a character played by Tania Santana, who has been a great support for me in the series. The only thing that woman has are those girls, who are at her house all day. If in the first season she was reluctant to be close with people, in this second she is going to have to eat these two girls. Those two little ones are the future and it makes her think things that are not healthy for a mother.

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The first season of ‘Hierro’ was very well received by the public. How did you react when you saw that general applause from the Movistar + viewers? What do you think has most hooked the public?

With great joy and at the same time with great impatience to make a second season in which there would be a lot of interest for the viewer. We do not know what people liked to make it the most viewed series on Movistar + above ‘Game of Thrones’. I can only tell those people to watch the new chapters.

Did you notice a big change between the first and second seasons?

No. When we returned to El Hierro we had the feeling that we had not left. As an actress, I have less work, since the character does not have to be introduced. In these new chapters, I just have to serve the thriller, be more burdened, and support Montes and her son.

Do you see a third season possible?

I don’t know what information you have but I am not going to kill my judge. My heart continues to beat and my body continues here. I continue to give them to Candela Montes. Two seasons have passed and I still don’t know who that woman is. I would love to know. If as a spectator I come across a series called ‘La Jueza’, ‘La Cabrona’, ‘La Montes’ I would see it, but I only tell the stories of others. Let’s see what the bosses decide. I’m just an errand.

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