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From left to right: Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams, Gretchen Whitmer and Elizabeth Warren.
From left to right: Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams, Gretchen Whitmer and Elizabeth Warren.

If Joe Biden wins the November election, he will be sworn in as president of the United States at age 78. The inconvenience of that age has planned to such an extent during the Democratic primary campaign that, anonymously, sources close to the veteran politician have dropped that he would only serve one term. That makes the vice presidency a much more crucial position than usual. The fact that a white male ended up winning in the most gender- and race-diverse race in history also made it almost inevitable that Biden’s career partner would be a woman. In case there were any doubts, on March 15, the candidate promised that it would. The campaign makes its guesses: is it appropriate to have a markedly progressive figure, who seduces the followers of the socialist Bernie Sanders? Some from the so-called minorities, who embody the diversity of the country? The goal is to remove Donald Trump from the White House. The process of screening and vetting candidates has started and sparked speculation. Former primary rivals such as Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar are among the most cited names, but Biden might surprise, because the pool is much more extensive.

Stacey Abrams

At 46, he has been on the list before there was even a candidate. Slightly losing her run for governor of Georgia, a conservative southern state in 2018, made her a rising star of the party, as evidenced by the fact that she was the one chosen to replicate last year’s State of the Union address. . A woman, young, indiscriminately leftist and with a demonstrated capacity to generate enthusiasm, Abrams would make it possible to strengthen the Democratic candidacy where it is weak. Among his weaknesses is a very limited managerial experience, which comes down to having been a minority leader in the Georgia legislative chamber. Author of romantic suspense novels, her main political occupation now, apart from dreaming of the vice presidency, is to fight against electoral laws that, in states like hers, make it difficult for the most disadvantaged citizens to register and vote.

Catherine Cortez-Masto

His name has started to sound relatively recently. The Nevada senator, of Mexican descent on her father’s side and Italians on her mother’s line, would be a nod to the increasingly influential Hispanic vote. Nevada Attorney General for two terms, Cortez-Masto broke invisible barriers in 2016 by becoming the first woman and first Latina from Nevada to reach the United States Senate. He was born in Las Vegas 56 years ago and in the Upper House he co-sponsored the law that protects dreamers, young migrants who arrived irregularly in the United States as minors. Unlike other pools, it is still little known nationally.

Val Demings

Before becoming a Florida congressman in 2017, he worked in the Orlando police for 27 years. In 2007 she became the city’s first female police chief. In Congress he represents a key district of a key state in the November elections. He was part of the managers appointed by the House of Representatives to prosecute in the Senate trial by the impeachment of Trump. “As a former social worker, member of the security forces and chief of police, I have seen the best and worst of America. And the best thing is when people have the opportunity to prosper and we have leaders who understand that ”, said on CNN Demings, 63, after supporting Biden in the primaries following his Super Tuesday victories. She is being interviewed by Biden’s team, as confirmed by her surroundings.

Tammy Duckworth

If she had to be portrayed in a single image, it would be the one she starred in in April 2018, when she entered the Capitol in a wheelchair with a baby in her arms. Lt. Col. Duckworth, a fighter pilot who lost two legs in Iraq, was the first senator to give birth while serving in the upper house and her 10-day-old daughter, the first baby to set foot in the plenary hall. Born in Bangkok 52 years ago, to a Thai mother of Chinese descent, she brings more than just a great story of overcoming. He came to the Senate in 2017 after wresting the Illinois seat from a Republican who had been a senator for seven years. His fellow State Democrat, Dick Durbin, has confirmed that Duckworth is passing the interview phase.

Michelle Lujan Grisham

After the 2018 elections, she became the first Hispanic woman to govern a state, New Mexico. Previously, he sat for six years in the House of Representatives, which gives him the federal experience that some consider necessary, and he came to chair the group of Hispanic congressmen. Her response to the state’s coronavirus crisis has been praised, and she herself has told her allies that Biden’s team is in the process of examining her record to check her suitability for the position. Biden’s campaign has work left to connect with the Hispanic electorate, and elect a candidate as Grisham, 60, could provide a connection capable of mobilizing that segment of society, which will be critical especially in those states where four years ago Trump was imposed by the minimum.

Kamala Harris

Paradoxically, this senator who has sounded like a possible Biden campaign partner is also the one who dealt him one of the first blows in the primaries, when, in the second debate, she cornered the vice president for his views on school segregation decades ago. Born to a Jamaican father and an Indian mother, Harris was California’s first female attorney general in 2011. She came to the Upper House in 2017 and soon made a national name for her incisive interventions during the early stages of the Trump Administration. 55 years old, she was one of the most mediatic Democratic candidates, but she never took off in the polls, with a diffuse political position. She has also been accused of a heavy hand in her time as a prosecutor.

Amy Klobuchar

The senator from Minnesota shows the stripes of something nothing less in a presidential one like those of November: having prevailed in elections in each one of the counties of the state in which Trump had won in 2016. 59 years old and graduated from the University of Yale, Klobuchar is a winning Democrat in the Midwest who resisted Hillary Clinton. The editorial board of The New York Times He decided to back her in the Democratic primaries – along with Senator Elizabeth Warren – highlighting her legislative work and ability to reach political agreements and unite the Democratic Party. “You can be progressive and practical.” That was one of the slogans the senator emphasized during her career. But the battle of the pragmatists was won by Biden.

Susan Rice

Susan Rice is not lacking in government experience, and at a high and complex level. She was a National Security Advisor with Barack Obama and, previously, an ambassador to the United Nations. He was raised in Washington’s political elite, with parents with long and celebrated public careers. With a candidate like Biden, who many see as transitional, and the turbulent times that everything indicates they would wait for the 46th president, the experience is certainly a degree to complete the ticket. Rice, a 55-year-old African-American, has never run for elected office, but she has plenty of experience in partisan battles. The latest: Trump’s environment, determined to poison the campaign and rewrite the history of Russian interference in the 2016 elections, is now using an email from him to argue that the investigation against former Trump National Security adviser Michael Flynn was politically motivated .

Elizabeth Warren

With a very progressive economic ideology, but unmarked from the socialist movement promoted by Bernie Sanders, Warren would mean for Joe Biden a credential among voters heeled to the left. The Massachusetts senator and former Harvard professor, 70, is a corporate law specialist who emerged as the scourge of Wall Street excess after the Great Recession of 2009. Her primary campaign was characterized by the thoroughness of her plans – plans. for everything – and the energy of his rallies, but Sanders won the progressive battle. When he retired he regretted that, between the Biden philosophy, one of the most moderate of those more than 20 candidates, and the veteran socialist from Vermont, there was no third way. She has openly said that if Biden says “come” to her, she will go.

Gretchen Whitmer

The 48-year-old governor of Michigan has achieved national relevance during the coronavirus pandemic, whose management in her state has led to high-profile clashes with Trump. It imposed one of the strictest lockdowns and has flattened the propagation curve in one of the hardest hit states. Biden, in whose campaign she has been one of the coordinators, already said in April that she was among the candidates. Trump won Michigan in 2016 by just 11,000 votes, and taking the state from him in November would be important to Democrats. “Let’s fix the bloody roads,” was Whitmer’s campaign slogan in her 2018 gubernatorial run. She won by nearly 10 points, and Michigan was one of seven states whose governorship went from Republican to Democrat in those elections. The problem is that he is not even in the middle of his term, and in a hot spot of the pandemic.

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