Friday, November 27

Candidates for the Rectorate mix experience and new faces in their candidacies


Pasted posters of the candidates for rector of the UA
Héctor Fuentes / Álex Domínguez

Some familiar faces of the rector’s team Manuel Palomar, more on the side of the candidate Jose Vicente Cabezuelo, but most new. Of course, all with experience in management in the different faculties and with more women than men. So are the candidacies of the two applicants to the Rectorate of the University of Alicante (UA), the aforementioned Cabezuelo, professor of Medieval History, and Amparo Navarro, Professor of Financial and Tax Law.

Today officially starts the election campaign, which will last until December 1, and is expected to be intense and close. Also different, with small meetings, more weight of new technologies and without large events due to the pandemic situation.

Elections are scheduled to be held on December 3 And the coronavirus has caused the deadline for early voting on campus to be extended. It will start tomorrow and will close on the 2nd.

Regarding the teams, Navarro has the current secretary general, Esther Algarra, who would repeat in office; with Francisco Torres, current vice-rector for Educational Quality and Innovation, who would assume Studies, Training and Quality; and with Juan Mora, who was secretary of the Vice-Rectorate for Research when Navarro directed it before running for rector. The other ten members of the list would be released in the vice-rectorships, although most are professors who have assumed different management responsibilities in their respective faculties. Rosa Maria MartinezFor example, she is currently vice-dean of the Faculty of Sciences, and would assume International Relations. Y Francesc Vañó He is director of the Infrastructure Service and would be, if Navarro wins, the new manager. In the list there is representation of the six faculties and the Higher Polytechnic School.

In the case of Cabezuelo’s team, four of the current vice-rectors are integrated. Enrique Herrero, current vice-rector for Studies, who would go on to be in charge of Research; Jose Penadés, who would repeat at the head of Academic Organization and Teaching Staff; Maria Jose Rodriguez Jaume, that of Social Responsibility, Inclusion and Equality, would go on to assume Internationalization and Cooperation; Y Carles Cortés, who would continue to be in charge of Culture, Sports and Languages. Also on the list are the director of the Higher Polytechnic School, Andres Montoyo, who would be in charge of Digital Transformation and Campus, the director of the Student Support Center, Pepi Parreño, which would lead the economic area and the director of the Villena University Headquarters, Mª Ángeles Alonso, who would take care of Students. The deputy director of preparation and award of contracts, Sergio sepulveda, would assume the Management.

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