Friday, July 30

Canelo Álvarez steals Julio César Chávez’s special night: he was his “coach” in the final round of the legend

“Canelo” Álvarez and “JC” Chávez delivered an emotional and unique moment in boxing history.

Photo: Ismael Ramírez / Reform Agency

The prominence of Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez is so big today that even at the farewell event of the legendary Julio Cesar Chavez the redhead stole the night.

Before the final assault of the fight between Chávez and Héctor Camacho Jr. held on Saturday in Guadalajara, “Canelo” stepped into the ring after being called by “El César del Boxeo” and became their “honorary” coach or a “cutman” for the final round of the man who will turn 59 next month old.

An argument had emerged between Chávez and “Macho” Camacho Jr., who removed their protective masks and it looked like they were going to close their lawsuit at 4 rounds without protection. But good judgment prevailed and they disputed the round as agreed with Álvarez looking from the corner of the man who hours before said consider your idol.

After the end of the fight at the Jalisco Stadium, in which a winner was not declared, Chávez promised that he will never get into a ring again and then with microphone in hand he called “Canelo” to produce a unique moment in the history of Mexican boxing.

Chávez, hugging Álvarez, said that “Canelo” is “the best Mexican fighter today and possibly the best in history”, adding: “Comparisons are never good. Canelo has earned everything he has through effort, dedication, perseverance and discipline. With all due respect that you deserve Canelo, you are a great fighter bastard “.

The super middleweight world champion took the microphone away from Chávez, who minutes before had given him a kiss on the cheek, and said: “For me, today and you will always be the greatest, a motivation for me from which I have learned a lot”.

The emotional meeting in the ring ended with “Canelo” saying: “It is an honor to be here and see you for the first time live, may God always bless you and thank you for doing this for us boxers.”

The goodbye fight of “JC” was preceded by defeats of his sons Omar (defeated by Ramón Álvarez, brother of “Canelo”) and Julio César, who took a beating from Anderson Silva, 46-year-old UFC legend.

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