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Capitol Police Officer Charged with Obstruction of Justice Following Jan.6 Insurrection

Investigators revealed the content of a Facebook conversation between an agent and a protester.

Investigators revealed the content of a Facebook conversation between an agent and a protester.

Photo: Joseph Prezioso / AFP / Getty Images

A Capitol police officer was arrested and charged with obstructing the investigation into the attack on the United States Capitol on January 6, for allegedly trying to defend a protester who was present during the insurrection.

According to the grand jury indictment that was revealed this Friday, Michael Angelo Riley, a veteran with 25 years of service and officer of the K-9 unit, had initiated contact with a person in Facebook on January 7, one day after the assault.

This user, who was kept anonymous by reports, would have posted videos, photos and comments on the social network that corroborated that he had been present inside the Capitol in the middle of the invasion of the protesters. CBS News.

He reported that Riley had contacted him and warned him that “(I am) a Capitol police officer who agrees with your political position. Eliminate the material in which you appear in the building, which they are investigating in detail. Everyone who was in the building will be charged “.

The unidentified person replied that he believed he had done nothing wrong, but Riley, who was not present during the assault on the Capitol, was emphatic in replying: “The only thing I can see is that you walked into the building and they have evidence; they will accuse you ”.

Also, reports published that Riley had warned the anonymous subject that there was a video in the Capitol where he appeared “Smoking marijuana and acting like an idiot.”

In accordance with NBC News, prosecutors identified the anonymous person as Jacob Hiles, a fishing boat operator from Virginia, and who like Riley, He was a member of Facebook groups that were dedicated to fishing.

Hiles was arrested in Virginia and pleaded guilty on September 11 to entering the Capitol illegally and staying in a restricted building, in addition to disorderly, disruptive conduct, violent entry, and disorderly conduct on Capitol Hill.

In the case of Riley, the Capitol Police Chief, Tom eat, He reported that “The officer was placed on administrative leave pending the completion of the case”, and highlighted that the accusation for obstruction of justice is “very serious”.

The veteran who worked in the unit K-9 He appeared in court this Friday afternoon with his lawyer and was released under certain conditions, while awaiting trial.

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