Wednesday, June 29

Capitol Strike Panel To Weigh Criminal Disrespect Against Bannon As Trump Sues – Live | US News



The legal danger to Steve Bannon It is anticipated after it emerged in a letter to his lawyer, obtained by The Guardian on Monday, that he had claimed executive privilege protections over non-executive branch materials.

The chairman of the House Select Committee, Bennie thompson, also said in the letter that even if the panel considered the executive privilege claims, Bannon had no basis to ignore the order, as not even a president could grant him immunity from a House subpoena.

The dual legal arguments in the letter, which served as Bannon’s final warning to cooperate a day before the select committee is expected to hold him in contempt of Congress, underscores the weakness of the executive privilege claim put forward by Donald trump.

The Guardian first reported that the former president would instruct his four top advisers cited by the select committee: the White House chief of staff. Mark Meadows, its deputy Dan Scavino, defense department assistant Kash Patelas well as Bannon, his former chief strategist, to defy orders.

But even though Bannon is alone in defying a subpoena after Meadows and Patel were “engaged” with the panel about the potential scope of their cooperation and Scavino was delivered late, the letter shows that similar attempts to invoke executive privilege seem treacherous.


Capitol strike committee expected to despise Bannon as Trump sues

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