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Car rally between Bolulla and Tárbena with 36 drivers

Image of the 1st Bolulla-Tárbena Climb

Image of the 1st Bolulla-Tárbena Climb

The 2021 Spanish Mountain Car Championship (CEM) takes up the competition again in Alicante, with the dispute, this Saturday, September 4, of the fifth round of the contest: the 2nd Ascent Bolulla-Tárbena “Trophy Costa Blanca” of motorsports.

This test will bring together 36 pilots, among which are all the candidates for the title of the three categories. The test, organized by the Automobile Club AIA, is held on a twisty route of 3,933 kilometers.

The competition focuses on a single day, which will start on Saturday at 8.30 am and will conclude around 9 pm with the delivery of trophies. Friday will be the day for administrative and technical checks. The proof is further scoring for the Valencian Community Championship of the specialty and for the CEM Mediterranean Mountain Cup.

The victory will be disputed by the vehicles and drivers who take the start on a technical route of just under four kilometers that runs along the CV-715 with the exit in Bolulla in the direction of Tárbena. The same scene of the first edition, held a year ago and that was the one of its debut in the CEM.

The traced technician part of the vicinity of the Bolulla town in the direction of Tárbena and has a drop of 242 meters, an average slope of 6.15% and a maximum slope of 12%.

The top of the list The number of registrants is occupied by the first two classified in category 2, the Asturian Javi Villa, leader after winning the climbs to Fito, Ubrique and Chantada with his BRC BR53, and the Andorran Raúl Ferré, who occupies the second position after finishing behind the reigning champion in all three rounds in the Silver Car CS. Also in the category 2 will be the Balearic Adrián Verdera, who is fourth in the overall competition with his Talex M2, and the Levantine Antonio Llamusí, a true national mountain classic, who will compete at the wheel of his BRC B52.

In category 3, the five drivers who occupy the top five positions of the contest will be present in the Bolulla-Tárbena climb, the Cantabrian Mario Asenjo (winner in Ubrique with his Silver Car S3), the Andorran Édgar Montellà (winner in Chantada with another Silver Car S3), the Navarrese Garikoitz Flores (second in Guía de Isora and in Chantada with the Talex M3), the Asturian Benito Pérez (first in the Fito with the BRC B49) and the Catalan Toni Arrufat (third in the Asturian race with his Silver Car S3).

Category 1 will count, for its part, with the four best classified so far in the championship, the Asturian José Antonio López-Fombona (winner in Chantada with his Lamborghini Huracan SuperTrofeo) and the Andalusians ‘Lolo’ Avilés (second in the Galician climb with the Ginetta Gt3), Humberto Janssens (who won in Ubrique with his Porsche 911 Cup 2015 ) and Francisco Jiménez (leader of the 4th class with his Mitsubishi EVO X). Also enrolled in the test are the Basque Francisco Benítez, who leads the 5b class with his Citröen Saxo, the Murcian David Cánovas, who occupies the first position of the Junior Trophy with his Hyundai Getz, and the Levantine Antonio Noguera, winner among historical vehicles (Class 6) in the Fito with his Porsche Carrera RS.

The 2nd Bolulla-Tárbena Climb ‘Costa Blanca Trophy’ will start with a training chute for priority vehicles, starting at 8.30 am and will continue with the optional training and subsequent official training for the CEM and FACV pilots. They will be disputed, to close the day, three official raises that will determine the rankings in each of the categories. The final classifications will be announced at 8.30 pm and a half hour after the awards ceremony is scheduled.

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